Friday, August 1, 2014

15.5 months/15 weeks!

Sorry I am late!

We've had a lot of changes in the IF Me household this month - DH got a full time (although contract) job, and Pippa started....daycare.  wah wah.

We've certainly had some trouble adjusting, but I *think* things are smoothing out, now after our second week at daycare.  (Really, it's a Montessori).  I'm so glad I'm only working for ~6 more months, I dislike this lifestyle heavily!  I barely see her, it's mostly for eating/bathing/bedtime (and she's tired and cranky) - and then after she goes to bed it seems all we have to do is housework then to bed for me!  Bah.  (We just finished another reno, so the house was EXTRA dirty, so I am hoping that's why it seems like a bit overwhelming right now, and will calm down).

I've had some crazy evenings with her this week, but hopefully she's adjusting a bit more.  She does like daycare I think - since she is very social.  They made us sign a year contract, and we talked them into at least letting her go part-time in March.  It probably will be helpful to have her at school during the day when i have the new baby around, but after a month or two I would like to have her around!

Mostly good - except when tired after a day at daycare.  Oh man.  Then it's Mommy feeding her on my lap while I say soothing words, and her not really eating a ton.

Cloth Diapering:
One of the worst things about daycare is the won't use cloth diapers!  Grrrr.  I HATE disposable diapers.  I think this is really lame - my friends were all shocked, and said their daycares take cloth diapers.  I did order that wool diaper cover and it DOES work for overnight diapering - hooray!  But using disposible all day means I can really only use cloth on the weekends, plus thurs/fri nights - because you can't leave the diapers sitting all week, there is a 3-4 day limit after which you should wash them.

We've blown past 20 words - I stopped counting.  She says quite a lot of words, and knows what sounds quite a lot of animals say.  (Lion, doggie, cat, monkey, snake....)  She only knows where her ears are right now.  If you ask where he nose is, she'll point at her ears.  :)  She can say a couple of two word phrases, but I'm not sure it counts - like "all clean!" or "all done!".

Fav Songs:
5 Little Speckled Frogs.  She says "E I E I" and we take that to mean she wants to sing Old MacDonald had a Farm.  Which she loves.  We have this horrendous kids CD in the car which calms her right down if she's freaking out on a car trip.  But it's super mega awful (songs are slightly 'wrong' to how I know them, kids have bad accents, music is poor, timing of some songs are 'wrong' to me...ugh).  So we're going to try this car trip this weekend with Raffi in the car (which I love, and listened to as a kid!), and hopefully she likes it.

Baby Health:
Well, she started daycare, so she has had a runny nose for the last two weeks.  Nothing major yet.  Also some teething going on, we've had a few rough nights.

My Health:
Good, fine.  Due date is ~Jan 20th.  I have had a few headaches which I'll be speaking to the mw about (very unusual for me to have headaches that aren't related to eye strain).  I have more energy now (back in the land of the living!), but work then putting the baby to bed does really drain me.  I like to go to be at or before 9pm now - getting up at 6:30am has been hard for me.

We're trying to have a 'cook day' (aka, Sunday) to cook the food for the week, so that lunches/dinners go very fast.  So far so good, but Sunday is a lot of work, and takes longer than I'd think!  I need to get more efficient, me thinks.  DH complains I dirty too many pots. 

We're away this weekend, which is going to throw the whole system for a loop anyhoo.

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