Sunday, June 22, 2014

14 months!

14 months!
~9 weeks!

Times flies, right?

Working is going a little more smoothly now, we're settled into a routine (I go to work early!).  It still breaks my heart when I hear her say "Mama" over the phone though!  (We have several phone calls throughout the day, that's nice)

Good!  She all of a sudden doesn't like sweet potatoes or squash...?  I'm hoping this is just a passing fancy.  Like avocado was - she's all over that now.  She's been a bit fussier about eating her veg now.

Cloth Diapering:
Still good.  I ordered a wool diaper cover, am quite excited about that.  Going to try night diapering again.  Also, I am trying to get involved with a charitable organisation around here that gives used cloth diapers to families in need. 

She's saying many more words now, it is exploding all of a sudden in the last few days.  They are still baby versions of things, but still cute.  She's starting to repeat after us when we're like "Say banana!" she'll go "nana".  Good enough!  And so cute!  In peekaboo songs, she'll now often  go "peek boo".  :)

Fav Songs:
"Rain is falling down, SPLASH" (specifically verse two about peekabooing).  She's starting to get more interested in "Mr. Duck went for a walk" which is a fun puppet song (or hands, if no puppets available).

Baby Health;
Still excellent.  Our normal easy sleeper has been taking a long time to put down lately.  Let's hope this is just a stage!  We're maybe shifting her bedtime up a bit to try and counter this?

She FELL OUT OF HER CRIB last week, ohmygoodness.  We put a thin mattress on the floor in case she does a jail break again....we also try and put her in a summer sleep sac, but so far she breaks free of it every night (it's homemade).  I'll keep you posted.

My Health:
Weirdly good.  I don't feel pg most of the time.  So far this has been much easier than the first time around.  I do need to make sure I eat, but its really easy to avoid feeling sick, no big shakes.  Last time there was high drama now and then.

Going for another u/s next week to check on dates.  Oh, had first mw appt!  That was fun.  Mostly I have questions about nursing a toddler and a newborn.  She's says that's tots ok.  I still have some Qs.

I am so casual this pg, it's so weird.  My Dad asked me how big the baby was, and he was expecting some kind of fruit answer, and I was just like "still really small".

Oh, and my mw went over my bloodwork with me.  All good!  I am particularly proud of my iron levels, I will commence bragging - 144!  I guess it's all that grass fed beef?  (Nah, I'm sure it has to do with body chemistry - I know beef farmer wives who have low iron).  Anyhoo, no need for iron pills here.  And since they do icky things, I feel quite happy skipping the whole caboodle.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Ninja's first u/s

7 weeks, 2 days

I had our first ultrasound earlier this week.  Turns out I am now 7 weeks, 2 days, +/-3 days.  Due date is January 21.

We sort-of saw a little heart-beat like flicker, but its rather early.

The Ninja is a singleton, good to know (twins frighten me).

That's about it!

I still don't "feel pregnant" mostly, but now we know that's probably because it's so early.  Maybe.

Special thanks to Feather for coming up with "the Ninja" nickname - DH loves it.  It's a good one, this baby is like a ninja, sliding in under the radar like that!

First midwife appt is in a week, I'm looking forward to that.  I have about a billion fewer questions than last time!  :) My main questions are about nursing while pregnant.

I am hooked up with our midwife from last time, that's great.  We had a good experience, and of course the fewer people all up in your lady bits the better, IMHO.

Hooray!  All is well!  We're so blessed!

Monday, June 2, 2014

A leeetle joke

Just plain ol' skip this post if you're IF.  Skip.  It's not really that funny,


So at my cousin's wedding on the weekend, they had one of those complimentary baskets in the ladies room.  You know what I'm talking about?  With bobby pins and hair spray and handcream and things - you know, things you may need at a wedding.  Well, in their ladies room basket was also a pregnancy test!

I kind of laughed when I saw it - as if you'd need to check if you were pg at a wedding!  I thought to myself "this is totally a gag!".  So I went and told DH about it, and how it was funny, and together we sort of concocted a plan that I should take it!

DH really had to talk me into it, but in the end I agreed it would be funny.  So I went and took the test (it was still positive, thankgoodness!) and then DH wrote a little note "No drinking for me tonight I guess!" and we put in on the counter.

Then we acted like it wasn't us.  The bride and the bridesmaids were all whispering, and I had to look away guiltily.  At one point the bride said "CS, was it you?" and I was all "What?" with what I was hoping was an innocent look, but probably I looked super guilty because I'm not much of a liar.

The bride went up to the mic and asked who it was (because she wanted to congratulate them, she loves babies), but still I said nothing.

After a bit I went over and told her, and we had a good laugh (we saw your gag gift, we thought we'd raise you one!).  I did say she couldn't publicly congratulate me, but she understood it's early.  Phew!  I was worried she wouldn't find it funny, but she totally did (they are VERY easy going people).  And I think her and my cousin will work on their own new baby very soon - we even did a "wouldn't it be fun to have babies the same age!?" thing.

Funny.  Or maybe you had to be there!

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