Friday, October 24, 2014

Ninja baby gender reveal

It's going to be a ....


Hooray!  We kind of wanted a boy for #2.  :)  We're so blessed!

And I get to decorate a nursery in nautical theme, a silly dream of mine for years.  :)

Let's see if we can actually have that happen before he comes?  I am doubting it.  ;)

I was a bit nervous about changing a boy's diaper (I had only ever baby sat girls), but I've been assured it's no big deal.

Now I need a few new unisex cloth diapers to replace some outrageously girlie ones we have.  DH is against this, he doesn't think it matters - but we're only talking about a couple of diapers here, and I do think it matters! (even if it's just to me)


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Baby girl is a year and a half today!!

And the inside baby is 26weeks along.

Babygirl sort of kicked off her half-birthday with some vomiting last night.  Hello, last-night's-dinner!  Poor girl.  Everything is all laundered now, I'm home with her today - she's down for a nap now.

I felt so bad taking away her favourite soft toy last night, but it was vomitous.  It is now cleaned and back in her arms.  :)

Baby girl is getting a bit pickier, and clearly says "no" when she doesn't want something.  She's in that throwing things on the floor stage.  Not fun for Mommy to clean up (bending is beginning to be less fun for this pg Mama!).  I don't really know how to stop it - she doesn't care that I react negatively, and time outs take too long to take her out of the high chair and wipe her up.  Someone at work suggest moving the whole high chair into timeout.  We'll see.  She'll out grow it soon enough.

Cloth Diapering:
We've outgrown our wool diaper cover!  Poot.  I need to order the next size up.  This is because I crazy stuff them to catch her copious amounts of night pee.  We're only left with Pampers in the house right now - means a trip to costco!  I can't STAND the smell of scented diapers, we plan to send them to be used at daycare (who insists on disposables, if you'll recall).  I think it is leftover from my IF days, the fake baby smell drives me crazy.  Real babies don't smell like that anyhow (mine, anyway).

She's doing pretty good, I think, right on track.  Lots more talking, animal sounds, body parts.  We're working on colours, but so far no dice.  (Although she can say "yellow" and once brought me a yellow book when I asked...but not to be repeated).  She can count up to about six (well, ten, but a number might be missed), but I'm pretty sure she doesn't really get counting yet? The other night I brought her a book to read in bed, and it's one we don't read very often, and I was surprised she knew it was about hugs.

Fav Songs:
Hearing her sing songs is THE BEST, but so far I haven't been able to capture on video.  She sings Old MacDonald, Twinkle Twinkle little star, Rain is falling down (which she actually brought up on her own while it was raining yesterday!), ABCs, How are you, Wind the bobbin up (we are working on knowing where the ceiling, floor, window and door are.  I think we've got Window so far).  They all are sort of loose connections to the real song.

Baby Health:
Still has daycare running nose almost all the time.  As mentioned, she vomited last night, but in general she's been ok.  A bit of a rash last month that went away eventually.  I found some really great cod liver oil for kids, so I've been dosing her.  I even like it - not fishy at all, which I take to mean it's quite fresh.  It really does have a nice orange flavour.  So we're doing four things to prep for fall flu season:  vit D, pro-biotics, cod liver oil, and she'll get the flu shot. (Not that its supposed to be that good this year)

We do have some nights of full sleep, but it isn't consistent yet.  We were giving her milk in the night, because we think she was hungry, but our dentist scared us away from that, we only give water at night now.  I still think she needs 2 naps a day - she easily naps twice a day on the weekends when she's home with me.

My Health:
Doing good!  So far this pg isn't too bad at all.  :)  Inside baby is starting to become more active.  I'm starting to get rather big, so things are becoming less comfortable.  Doing a bit of waddling, getting hard to bend down, that kind of stuff.  3rd trimester kind of stuff!  DH has been pretty good at taking care of me and my food cravings.  But I could be eating healthier.
I haven't measured my weight at all this pg (I want to wait for the big number at the end), but I feel a bit ginourmous at times.

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