How I got my BFP

So I've been writing this post in my head for YEARS now, it is finally time to let it out!

And just as a further introduction - no fancy medical protocols here - it was all natural.

How on earth I managed to have a BFP!  Completely unscientific, based on notions and guesses and feelings, here are all the deets.  (I am planning to update this as I think of more insane/wild things I did along the way.)

Actually probably helped quite a bit
  1. Laproscopy to remove Stage III endometriosis.  For reals.  If you think you may have endo, or even if you don't but you haven't had a lap - geteth thee to thine surgeon!  Four docs told me I didn't have endo - don't listen.  Read up on the Internet, if you think you have it - check it out.
  2. DH's varicocele surgery - he was a trooper, and had this done last year.  His numbers have since come up to 'average' - yay!
  3. Fertility awareness - if you do Napro or just read a book on Fertility awareness - it helps to time things well! (I dig the app on my phone to help track things)
  4. No caffeine - not only does it lessen your REM sleep (even 1 cup a day!), I have read somewhere that it slows the eggs down in the tube.  Decaf for me!
  5. Sleep - while I didn't have enough time between reading about fertility and night lighting and my actual BFP, I'm still a strong believer in it.  We sleep in a 99% dark room now, and I do think it makes my sleep better (aka, more melatonin production at night, which makes a whole host of other hormones go the right way).  Getting lots of sleep is Great for your adrenals too!  :)
  6. Giving up rushing - cutting down on stress I think did help.
Probably Maybe Helped
  1. Endometriosis Diet - Once I knew I had endo, I modified my diet to mostly match the endo diet.  I believed it help slow down the return of the endo.
  2. Fermented foods - the endo diet isn't all about "No"s, it is important to eat fermented foods as well.
    1. Kombucha - everyone's fav fermented tea.  Didn't see any real changes after drinking it several months... but...maybe the proof is in the pudding?
    2. Sauerkraut - the real fermented kind.  With live cultures.  Mmmm.  I both bought expensive hippie sauerkraut (refrigerator section) and made some of my own.
  3. Working on my adrenals - I was a mess of stress last year, slowly working on my adrenals I think helped quite a bit.
    1. B vitamins - I seemed to feel a lot better when daily injesting my B multi
  4. Cod liver oil pills - what's a day without a fish burp in the morning to remind you you're alive?
  5. Preseed - Can't say for sure or not, but we always use it during most fertile times... and here we are.  I do recommend it if you have not-great CM.
  6. Less booze in general - but the week we conceived I had 3 glasses of wine AND a martini, so.....?  See 'stress reduction'.
  7. Very little sugar, and no high fructose corn sryup.  It is bad for you, all bits of you, and HFCS is bad for your liver.  Not much good to say about it, other than it increases corporate profits.  (haha - backhanded compliment if I ever gave one).  Sugar is super super bad for you, in all it's guises.  Sleep more (in the dark!) and your carb cravings will go down.  Promise.
  8. DH no caffeine, Coke Zero, Riding on a Bicycle, very little booze - have I mentioned DH is a trooper?
 I believe had little/no impact
  1. FertileCM.  It never changed my CM, and I took at least 3 bottles of the stuff.
  2. Royal Jelly - ugh.  Hate it - and it didn't improve my CM far as I can tell.
  3. Pineapple core - we mostly forgot all about this, since it didn't work so many times.  And I didn't ingest any pineapple or pineapple core this BFP cycle.
  4. Acupuncture/TCM - sorry to say, but I think it was the endo, and surgery fixed it.  Acupuncture/TCM may have been able to help, but by then I was out of money/patience.
  5. Mokshe Yoga - it was fun to get my sweat on and all, but I don't think it actually did anything.
Murphey's Law
I'm a big believer in Murphy's Law - well, not really.... but things often seem to work that way, don't they?
  1. The day before I saw the second line, I ordered a custom dress in my measurements online.  If all goes well, I'll blow those measurements before even wearing the dress!  (It is planned for some upcoming weddings - I will probably be ok for at least one, but the one I really wanted it for - doubt it will fit.  Which is 100% ok, totally prefer the BFP)
  2. Getting nails done - full of toxic chemicals, right?  The week before the BFP.  Normally, I do not do such things - but I threw caution to the wind.  I actually scratched off my nail polish (like a teenager) to avoid using nail polish remover.
  3. Getting facial - ditto on the toxic chemicals.  I don't even use scented shampoo, and here I let her rub toxins into my face and let them soak in for an hour.  (see caution, wind)
Other Notes
  1. I still had TEBB.  Never could get rid of it.  I also had two days of spotting to start.  So not a 'perfect' cycle, but it seems to have worked.  I wonder how important TEBB is?

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  1. Wow, very cool list! Thanks for sharing!! It's so funny to see what actually works, what doesn't, and what a surprise it can be sometimes!


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