Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Appleseed's Birth Story

Here it is, the birth story I've been waiting and wishing to write for so many years!

It's not quite the one I pictured writing.  If you are pregnant now or planning a natural birth, I seriously suggest not reading on.  Of course, after hearing that you're probably all ears, but I warn you - it isn't all sunshine and lollipops coming.  But there is a GREAT ending.  :)


I was 11 days overdue, trying everything to naturally induce labour.  It was castor oil day, which gave me [TMI!] some serious diarrhea, at about 1pm and 3pm, and just a bit at 4pm.

Between 4-5pm I believe I went into labour.  At 5:30pm I asked DH to call the midwife, contractions were about 2 min apart, but they were about 20-30s long.

And here it is where we deviate from the birth I was picturing and hoping for.  The contractions (or surges) HURT.  I could not relax during them.  I even cried because I was 'doing it wrong', but I could just NOT relax.  Now, maybe I should have started a rainbow relaxation before then?  But I tried and I couldn't focus on it at all.

I got in the bath to see if that helped.  It didn't really.  We were doing acupressure for birth, and we did this throughout the whole birthing.  I do think it sorta helped.  It seemed to make things slightly more manageable.  For the few contractions DH was not by my side doing acupressure, I found it much harder to take.

The midwife got to our house while I was still in the bath.  I already didn't care about being naked, I was too wrapped up in the pain.  She checked the baby's heart rate while I was in the tub (Appleseed was fine), and I got out so she could see how dilated I was.  I was about 3+ cm, and the baby had moved down quite a bit.  She was surprised things had started off so well!  I would have for sure cried if there had been no progress for all that hurting, but thankfully things were rolling.  She also broke up some of my scar tissue at this time.

She decided she would set up, then leave.  They don't generally like to lurk around - it could be another 12+ hrs before show time, afterall.  It took quite a while for her to set up, which I was oblivious to.  I was focused just on each contraction, and on DH and his acupressure.  She gave me an IV bag of clinomycin around this time - it didn't take long, wasn't a big deal.

They never really slowed down to 3 min apart, and often they didn't really give me a rest in between.  I believe for a lot of women in between contractions they feel totally 'normal' - but not me, I was sore, and some of them never really felt like they quite stopped all the way.  They also didn't much lengthen to that 90s I had heard about - thankgoodness.

She left, and here things are a bit hazy for me.  I spent the next couple of hours just having regular active labour.  I had to be reminded to breathe during each surge.  It was so natural to tense up!  Really really hard to breathe.  NOT what I was expecting - "meet each surge only with your breathe" - hah!  Fail!

I was mostly laying on my side, but I did a few contractions on my hands and knees.  Didn't really matter.  I think it was around 8:30pm, I decided to get into the bath again.  Again, it didn't really help.  The contractions felt pretty much same in the tub as out of the tub.  Poot!  That too was disappointing.  I've heard a lot of tales about how the tub really helped some women, but I guess that's just not how I roll.

It was around this time I went through "the transition".  Yup, I threw up a little.  Just like you've heard!  But I hadn't really eaten much all day, it wasn't a big deal.  I was weirdly not very hungry all day.  Actually, during many of my surges I would feel quite nauseous at the peak of them, I made sure the throw up bucket was nearby at all times.

DH called the midwife and told her.  While he was on the phone my contractions changed into the start of pushing contractions, he relayed that to her.  What I really said was "I think I had the urge to push".  How that soon changed!  I had been silent all this time through all of this, but here is when I started to get loud.  Poor neighbours!

Mw arrived quite quickly (9:25pm), and I got out of the tub and went to our bedroom where she checked me.  I was 10 cm!  GREAT progress - those contractions may have hurt but they sure were working - but I didn't care.  The pushing contractions were my whole world.  I started to really yell and scream - mostly "OW" during each one.  Like, really loud.  The secondary midwife arrived (9:40pm), which I knew was good, but again, didn't really care.  I didn't even look at her for an hour, my eyes were shut.

So these contractions were SUPER overwhelming.  I can't even understand how people couldn't push.  My body I think did most of the pushing, I just helped out with what I could.  I did my pushing on my back with my legs in the air - again, not quite what I would have thought, but that's what felt best at the time.

My water blew out around sometime after this.  I will say that was kind of fun.  It was during a pushing contraction, and it was like a rocket.  Hahahha.  It felt good for like 20 seconds.

About halfway through this (10:25pm), the midwife said I had to turn to my side a bit, the left side of my pelvis was slightly tight.  I ended up doing the rest of my contractions with my leg on her shoulder!  Hah!  I'd like to see an OB do that.  :)

With every pushing contraction, she was opening my tissue or 'gently' moving my pelvis aside so this would be over faster.  And that's what REALLY hurt.  But really, there were no flowery thoughts during the pushes.  I honestly could only think "get out of here".  Poor baby! 

The midwife did coach me with pushing, but I kinda ignored her.   Maybe this is what Hypnobirthig meant?  Some contractions I had two pushes in me, some had three, some had four.  And yes, I didn't breathe at all during pushing.  But it felt kinda good.  At least I had some serious relief in between these ones, that really helped.  The rest period really was restful.  And I needed it, to catch my breathe and take a sip of water.

After each a surge she would often say "good, CS, she moved down quite a bit during that one".  That was encouraging.  :)  Although I think 'quite a bit' meant 1 mm.

At 11:18pm, she finally came out.  And that's how it felt.  Finally.   The heavens didn't sing quite like I'd imagined!  There was no magical rush of endorphins. 

The Placenta came at 11:25pm, I declined the shot of Pitocin - I had to push it out a bit.

All in all it was a short but hard labour.  In fact, even though she's on vacation now, my midwife came over today to visit, and re-iterated that fact.  I had a really hard labour.  The theory is everyone gets the same 'cup of pain', but a more usually the first labour usually takes much longer so is less intense.  She was really proud of me, which was nice.  She was impressed I didn't ask for pain killers - but...I know there is nothing they can do at home, and it was too late to go to the hospital (and I didn't want to go anyway), so even in my half crazed state, that wouldn't have made sense for me to ask.  I just wanted it done.

Sadly, either Hypnobirthing failed me or I failed Hypnobirthing.  I am really disappointed with that.  And kind of resentful?

It was nice that my body really did know what to do.  It wasn't painless by any means, it was brutal.  But I never stalled at any point, and all the contractions made headway.  So despite all that nasty endo I had last year, I seem to have a GREAT birthing body.

And the main conclusion - Appleseed is super.  Her heart rate was good the whole time.  She got an APGAR score of 9/10.  She was lovely and pink and alert.  For all this, I am glad we had a home birth, I wouldn't change it.  And now my sweet pea still hasn't been to a hospital - awesome.  :)

My perineum is intact, which somewhat seemed to astound my midwife - she really thought I was at risk for a 3-4th degree tear.  Massage your perineum, ladies!  I did have some other tearing, and have a few stitches.  That continued to suck a bit after the birth.


Here I am 9 days later, just adding in some details (times) before I post.  Man!  The memory of the pain is indeed fading - but it took a good few days for those memories to go down at all!  At the time I was totally all for having only one baby, or getting an epidural next time.  Who knows, I might.  I would describe my birth as slightly traumatic, actually.  Overwhelming.  Thankgoodness for fading memories.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Appleseed ON THE OUTSIDE!!!

Introducing, the Appleseed!

No, that is NOT her real name, but for the purposes of this blog, I think I'll stick with it.  She is named for my Grandmother, and her Chinese name is still being worked on.


I can't believe she's here!  Yay!  Hooray!  We're both doing fine.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Castor Oil Shake Recipe to induce labour

41 weeks, 4 days

So my midwife says the recipe below is more effective at inducing labour, and has less side effects than just taking a slug of castor oil on it's own.  She said they used to recommend 4 oz. of castor oil, and you can see below the recipe only calls for 2 tablespoons.

Recipe for Castor Oil drink to Induce Labour

  • 2 tbsp castor oil
  • 2 tbsp almond butter (or other nut butter)
  • 5 drops lemon verbena
  • 1 cup apricot juice
  • 1 cup crush ice

We're not really ice people (particularly with the weather still being cold), so I'll probably skip the ice, but my apricot juice is chilled.  The nut butter (we'll use peanut butter) is supposed to be to keep it in your stomach a little long so it is more effective?

I then just whirred it up in my magic bullet.

Update:  Tastes kinda good, actually.  Like a peanut butter smoothie.

Update:  Had about 2-3 bouts of diarrhea in the afternoon.

Update:  Well, I went into labour that night. Can't say for sure it was this drink, but it didn't hurt!

Saturday's Stretch and Sweep

41 weeks, 4 days

Well, the stretch and sweep turned into just a sweep.  I was not dilated enough to allow for the 'stretch' part!

She did mention she could feel quite a lot of scarring on my cervix, and that she'll have to pop that open during labour.  Yeehaw!  Cervical cryosurgery was worst thing ever.  Bah.  But I knew this a while ago, it was just re-confirmed again.

So, uh....the sweep really hurt.  :(  DH was on the ball and reminding me to breathe and things, but I was having a load of trouble.  I asked, "Is this what labour will feel like?", and she answered a "sort of" kinda answer.  Well.  At least I've had a preview?  I totally wasn't prepped with being ultra-relaxed or anything, we were just chatting beforehand.  So hopefully with the Hypobirthing prep this will also make things easier to cope with.

I pictured labour to be more muscle pain, but this was stinging cervical pain.  Hrm.

The good news is that DH had the presence of mind to try some acupressure while this was all going down, and I think it really helped.  There was one point when DH and I had a miscommunication - I meant "press harder" and he thought I meant "stop".  So he stopped, and in the time he was not pressing on the point it was much more painful.  Then he went back on and it was much more manageable.  Down to a dull roar, totally do-able.

When he was pressing the acupuncture point, mw sometimes would say things like, "this is going to hurt", and it didn't really hurt more.  So, good.  It was funny, last we discussed it and it turns out he was doing a point on my shoulder AND one on my hand, but I totally thought he was just holding my hand!  Hahhaa.  Odd!  I guess I wasn't thinking about my hand at all.

DH and I have since come up with hand signals.  I'm totally not great at vocalizing if I'm too relaxed, or under too much stress, so I think the hand gestures will be good.  (Yes/No/More/Less/Stop, nothing fancy).

Anyhoo, this did not put me directly into labour as might have been the case.  We actually went out to a dinner party last night!  Which was nice.

Oh, and the real news was that the ultrasound shows Appleseed is doing quite well in there.  She scored 8/8 (perfect!).  So no worries she's in distress (yet).

Plan:  Today I'll do the Castor Oil shake, then Monday I am transferred to secondary midwife, and we'll consult.  Likely blue/black cohosh.  Also Monday will be another bpp u/s.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sugar juice

41 wks, 3 days

Yesterday was a bit of a roller-coaster!

I woke up early (6am, yo!  who knew they made that time?), had a nice first breakfast, then went for a pre-2nd-breakfast walk!  Totally what I should have been doing like every day - but was the first time I'd actually done it.  Weather was nice and springy, lovely and calm morning walk.  :)

Then DH made me a lovely omelette for second breakfast.  I signed up for Twitter (HAH!  I can't believe it!  Email me if you want to follow me - warning, it will be mostly baby related, I am guessing).

Then 3rd acupuncture visit.  Nice, but uneventful. 

Then lunch and off to the ultrasound from hell.  So, you'll have to excuse me, but this is where I am going to complain for a bit.  Now, I've had a billion ultrasounds, it isn't a big deal.  This was a new clinic downtown, but I thought - "hey, it'll be fun to take the streetcar!".

I had an appt at 2:45pm, and left early with loads of time.  I got there at like 2:30pm, they said they were running late, no worries, I sat back and chillaxed and read news on the tablet.  They had said to drink some fruit juice beforehand to make the baby move.  Ok, so I had a cup of sour-sop juice at home, but when I got there I thought maybe I would need more, so I hurriedly bought a bought of "grapefruit cocktail" in the building.

Now naive little me actually did think, "maybe they are blending mango and grapefruit to make this 'cocktail'" (which would have been weird anyway, but I swear that thought dashed through my head).  Harumph!  Duh!  No.  I am normally a label reader, but I had to pee, so I just bought it and dashed upstairs to the ladies' room.  As you know because you were not born yesterday, "cocktail" means "we added sugar/high fructose corn syrup". 

I waited a while in the waiting room, still pleased.  Then they took me to this changing room area.  Like, this ultrasound place is SO BIG they have 6 changing little changing booths.  Weird.  And then it all turned pear-shaped.  I was left sitting there in my gown-that-opens-at-the-back for like over half an hour!  And I think by this time the juice was making me crazy.  Too much sugar and I don't go well, I was actually feeling super nauseous and hot and sleepy. And pissed off.  I really don't get pissed off very often.  It's generally not in my wheel house.  But I was pissed off.

When the ultrasound finally started, they didn't have anything to put under my knees.  I was having a very bad back day - hard even to walk at times.  I was less than impressed.  And she used an ENORMOUS amount of gel on my tummy.  Like, half a tube.  You just don't need that much.  The top of my pants were gooey and wet!  What the hay!

And baby girl didn't like her, and didn't move right away for her.  But I had felt her move not that long ago, and I knew her heartbeat was ok, I just heard her check it.  But she was all "if your baby doesn't move soon, you have to go to the hospital".  !!!!!!  It was hard not to freak out, despite knowing baby was ok.  I turned on my sides (as my back complained loudly), and Appleseed did finally move.  Phew!

I left at >4:00pm.  Bah!  Lying on the table I had decided to take a cab home because I was so upset and still nauseous, but in the end I decided to be a trooper and take the streetcar home.  Which ended up smelling like homeless people, and making me want to move to the suburbs.  :(

I pulled out of my suckyness after some time to rest at home (plus lots of DH hugs), but MAN!  What a day!  Sorry for the rant!  I still know I'm lucky everything is ok, it just seemed like too much yesterday.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursday: Massage and Lost Mucus Plug?

41 weeks, 1 day

So I had another massage today.  Totally great, felt super relaxed afterwards.  My mw sort of got me all hot and bothered at yesterday's appointment, really focusing on a lot of talk about pain.  I was like, dude, you are totally ruining hypnobirthing right now!  :(  I had a hard time sleeping again.  Comments like hers really fly around in my head a lot.

But the massage helped - I thought a lot of birth affirmation type of things during it, I feel much better now.  Hebrews, did you have comments that made you doubt hypnobirthing?  And how did you get them out of your head?

And in potentially exciting news - I think I lost my mucus plug!  :)  Haha, I thought of taking a photo, but it's too gross.  I will let your fingers do the walking, google has plenty of images.  That's why I think it is probably what it was - from checking out google images.  It was smaller than I thought it would be?  Maybe there is more in there?  I don't know how you'd know.  Mine was dark brown.

The Internetz seem to agree this could mean she comes tonight, or in two weeks!  Ha!  Just like EVERYTHING about birth, there is a huge range of normal.  But I suppose it does at least mean I dilated a little more today, and that's a step in the right direction.

All in all a good Thursday!  :)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Plan for last week

41 weeks!

Well, baby is still not arrived on the outside yet.  That's ok now...but less good as the week progresses.  Risk of merconium aspiration.  If I were to go to 43 weeks, I would be transferred to an OB.

I was about ~1 cm dilated today.  And OUCH, did the checking of that hurt!  Haha, I'm sure labour will hurt more right?  But yikes, that was uncomfortable.  The mw did get to touch Appleseed's head - DH and I were like, "Jealous!".   But I'm not even dilated enough to do a stretch and sweep - which I was going to decline.  But it makes that whole decision a lot easier.  :)  (I want to wait a few days, to see if things can start up naturally)

We also had an enthusiastic discussion about due dates.  My original due date from Ovuview app (which I love, and recommend) on my phone was April 15th - in which case she wouldn't be as far overdue.  After much discussion, it seems like anywhere April 10th-15th would be reasonable.  Not that we're talking about changing my due date, just that it gives us a little less cause for concern since at least the range is all after my official date (which was Apr 10th).

So here is the plan (and I really really like having a plan!):
  • Thursday (apr 18) - another massage.  Rough life, eh?  :)
  • Friday (apr 19) we'll go for an u/s to check... ah, amniotic fluid level,  fetal tone, placenta something...and something else.  I LIKE this.  I want to make sure she's still ok in there!  If there is any indication of problem, we'll get here out of there pronto.  Also 3rd acupuncture session.
  • Saturday (apr 20) mw will attempt a stretch and sweep.  Hopefully I'll be dilated enough to allow for this by then!
  • Sunday (apr 21) - Time for castor oil!  The midwives recommend using peanut (or other nut) butter and verbena oil and apricot juice with the castor oil.  She said it is less harsh outgoing, and it sits in the stomach a bit longer with the peanut butter and is thus more effective.  I'm down.
  • Sunday (apr 21) - Birth herbal tincture.  Contains blue/black cohosh, birth root (?) and ginger.  This is slightly risky - there are no studies.  But mw claims very effective.  I was quite tentative about this, but by Sunday we'll be pretty close to induction day, so I think the risk/benefit ratio will be worth it.
  • Monday (apr 22) - another u/s, same checks as on Friday.
  • Tuesday (apr 23) - appt with 2nd mw.  I'm guessing another stretch and sweep? My primary marvellous midwife will have gone on vacation!  :(
  • Wednesday (apr 24, 42 weeks) - scheduled induction at the hospital.  She said generally they start with foley catheters, but it depends on the doc on duty.  And that inductions are low priority, totally possible we'll get moved if there are a lot of births that day.  That's ok.
For a first baby she's really not that over-far along at this stage, so we're not yet worried.  Hopefully I'll be able to stay relaxed through the week!  Acupuncture does really seem to help with relaxing!  I was already relaxed at the start of yesterday's acupuncture, and I swear by the end I felt so JOYFUL.  You know when you want to cry a bit cuz you're just so darn JOYFUL?!  :)  I didn't picture being here a year ago, that's for sure!  Our baby girl is almost here!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Induction 'Spa Day'

40 weeks, 5 days

My chiro referred to it as my induction 'spa day' today, and I thought - "hey, why not just go with it?".

I had a stressy labour dream last night - I was trying to get into labour but no one knew what to do.  It was one of those weird stressful dreams.  Bah.  Needless to say, I didn't sleep well last night.  I even had to read some of the Hypnobirthing book to calm me down.  The rainbow relaxation wasn't working.  Poot.

So this morning I was a zombie, and barely made it to chiro appt on time - well, ok, I was a little late.  But I did run into the other midwife in our choir - I really like her, so that started cheering me up.

I had another chiro adjustment - my back's been ok lately, this will probably be the last one.  Then she did acupuncture to bring on labour.  THEN, I had a foot massage to bring on labour.

WOW, did that lady have STRONG hands!  Yikes!  And she told her me really scary and awful birth story - but thankfully, it did have a happy ending.  But what a story to hear just before birthing!  Yikes. 

But now I am sort of chillaxed.  I will take a 'day off' from errands and things I really should do.  I think it is important to be relaxed right now, and not focus on the scary impending induction, just try to have some fun today.

I ate my yummy eggplant parm leftovers for lunch, then I watched some netflix and played Candy Crush (yes, this is ruining my life, can't stop playing!  don't judge me too harshly!).  Now I'm going to hop in the bath, maybe read a book, then maybe have a nap.  DH is making dinner, I made sure we have all the ingredients (eggplant again - Chinese style).

Acupuncture again tomorrow!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Eggplant parm!

40 weeks, 3 days

So I went for a massage yesterday.  It was part Craniosacral, reflexology, part regular shoulder massage.  It was definitely different from any massage I'd had before.  She didn't really use much pressure.  But by the end, I was SUPER relaxed.  Was that just because I was like, "CS, don't use this time to think about errands, use it to think about positive birth imaging & breathing", or was it the actual massage?  Don't know.

Today I'm going to make eggplant Parmesan for dinner - Hypnobirthing says this will bring on labour.  :)  I'm not so sure of that - but it will be a tasty dinner for DH and I!  (and I'm making a grain-free lemon cake for desert - WHAT!  sounds yum!)

I've done some reading about interventions this morning.  I don't think I want any (well, if eggplant were to work, that would technically be an intervention...).  BUT, at 42 weeks, the ball game changes, and here I will be transferred to an OB who will want to induce.  So the midwives like to do early not super invasive interventions before we get to that magical 42 weeks date.

But it seems everything I've read seems the whole thing goes a lot smoother with no interventions at all, baby comes when ready.   But, there does seem to be some risk going past 42 weeks.  Not sure I want to play there.

Also, she suggest I may want to try blue/black cohosh at 41 weeks.  I need to be getting down with the google on that, I am quite wary.

In general, my BH have subsided somewhat.  They only seem to come when walking now.  I've been trying to be good about walking - except for yesterday - it is mega winter here (?  Hello, spring?  Where art thou?), I wasn't down with a mid-winter walk, for reasons of wimpyness.

I'm having some round ligament pain, but it's no big deal.  I've also been trying some stretch suggestions from spinning babies - they say labour is all about position, right?  So I want Appleseed to be in the best position possible. 

All in all, I never really got that "get the baby out of here, now!" mentality.  I want her to leave when she's ready.  I loooove being pregnant, and I appreciate it.  No reason to end early.  (Well, unless there are valid medical reasons, of course).  Sure it is a bit uncomfortable at times... but whatev.  I'm still so lucky to even be here. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Update: 41%

39 weeks, 6 days

UPDATE (not that you've even had time to read the previous post!)

She's ok!  She made it from 26th percentile to 41st percentile!  She's FINE!  All is well!  MW just called me.  :)


I had done too much googling already on restricted growth, and the words "perinatal morbidity" come up too often for comfort.  I actually made it through the ultrasound and after without crying - probably because I had 3 crying fits beforehand.


Baby girl is doing A-ok!


Potentially Growth Restricted?

39 weeks, 6 days

Wow, almost 40 weeks!  Saw the midwife today.  This is not the post I pictured writing, actually.  I thought it was going to be the usual - blood pressure good, pee stick good, size ok, let's roll.

First of all she checked my cervix.  She said its about 50% soft and 50% moved down, not open or thinned.  So, that's fine.  Baby not coming immediately, probably next week-ish, maybe?  First time she's checked it.

I thought it would be cool if all those cervical knife pains I've been feeling actually opened the cervix, but no dice.  So it goes.

But then onto the measurement...and she's still measuring like 34-35cm.  Its been like this for ~3 weeks.   Could be not good - could be just position has changed, so it doesn't seem like she's not getting bigger - or she could not be getting bigger.

I am trying to stay calm about this!  (but...I don't feel calm.)

The Marvelous Midwife is sending us for another ultrasound.  DH sort of protested (since I cry like a maniac every time), but she strongly recommended it.  And she's quite keen we get it today if possible.  I am still trying to book it.

In terms of size, Appleseed seems right around her due date, according to the last u/s.  In terms of weight she was 26th percentile.  A wee bit small.  All the babies on my side are normal to getting big-ish (8-9 lbs, it seems), so I am concluding it is because she is half Chinese.  And Chinese have smaller babies.  Even though DH's family is not small, they were more like 6-7.5 lbs babies.  Which is fine.  Just less than I was expecting.  BUT, still, baby girl should be growing every week.

Well, we'll see what the ultra sound says.  I will have to see an OB if she really is too small.  That's ok.

I don't seem to have any of the maternal risk factors related to intrauterine growth restriction, so.... probably she'll be ok.  Yes.  Right?

In other news, she's planning on doing a stretch and sweep (well, I want to research this a little more) Wednesday (I'll be 41 weeks), and I will book acupuncture for Monday.  :)  We are allowed to go to 42 weeks, at which point it will be a schedule induction.  And since that changes the whole ballgame, we'll try to avoid it.

Friday, April 5, 2013

(still) Pro Pro-Biotics

I am pre-writing this post, and will actually publish when I have some results!


So after my midwife's recommendation of taking pro-biotics to help lessen the chance of actually testing positive for group B strep, I decided to find out if the current pro-biotics [Jamieson advanced 4 strain] I am taking have positive reviews out there on the Internet or not.  I want to avoid group B strep if possible.

For sure I can say the Jamieson 4-strain is helping my skin, which is awesome - but what about my ladyparts?

I came across this informative article about evidence based pro-biotics.  Seems like a rather good idea (to be evidence based).  Here's another article on the effect of pro-biotics and FERTILITY.  Long but good!

There I read about a product called "Fem-Dophilus".  I then got really excited.  Google it and 'prevent group B strep' and you get loads of hits and comments about how it seems to work.  In fact, I came across a clinical study that is currently taking participants (in Santa Cruz) to specifically test whether or not taking fem-dophilus from 28 weeks decreases incidence of group B strep.  They don't just decide on a whim to do a study, I am thinking, there must be major anecdotal evidence.  I called my local hippie shop, and they do in fact carry it.  I have some non-ideality going on "down there", let's see if this changes things.

I am still planning to take the Jamieson 4-strain - can't hurt to fix my skin as well.  If some pro-biotics fix my skin, that is telling you I had some serious gut balance issues for many many years.  Um...like, forever.

When I upped the Jamieson to 3/day AND started the fem-dophilus, my lady parts seems to be getting in better shape.  Then I moved Jamieson to 1/day, and my lady parts when back to only slightly better than they were.

So I'm moving back up to 3/day.  After a few days, I could tell it totally helped.  For me, anyway, and my gut, it seems to be the Jamieson doing the heavy lifting.  I am still taking the fem-dophilus too - don't want to mess with the system too much.

Further Update:
Well, I think moving down to 1/day of the 4-strain sort of screwed me.  I tested GBS positive.

Right now it sort of feels like there is a bacterial war going on, and some days the good guys win, some days the bad guys win.  Also, I ran out of fem-dopholus, probably I should go back on.  Particularly with antibiotics coming  up.

Random things that may have been improved by probiotics:
  • This may or may not be due to the probiotics - but DH got sick, and I DIDN'T.  This is the first time, ever.  (Also I think RRL tea helped)
  • Skin MUCH improved, then moved to mostly improved (including starting to improve my rosacea) (see that comment about a war going on above)
  • My super painful right lymph node has calmed down considerably

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Final GBS Post (probably)

39 weeks, 1 day

So we've made our final decision about GBS.  Anon x 2 had two good comments on the last post, but turns out I either is not really going to happen.

I chatted up my doctor friend (poor lady, but I HAD to pick her brain!), and I asked about testing the baby for GBS after birth - she said they basically never do that.  If baby comes in with a fever and mom was GBS +ve and didn't take antibiotics, they will give the baby antibiotics.  No time to wait for test results.  And baby would be very sick by the time the test results came back.  (maybe our lab results take longer here?)

And I asked if they could check my strain against clindomycin, and she said in Canada in general our strains are susceptible to clindomycin.  In India (for example) they have some resistant strains, but unless I've been travelling there, I should be good.  I haven't been there since like ~2004.

Doc friend also said the biggest risk with clindo is C.Difficile.  But I am low risk for this.  And (hopefully!) not going to the hospital, I shouldn't be exposed?

So I told my midwife today, and she was cool about it.  She said she'd do the same thing.  I was very impressed about how they didn't try to influence me either way, just gave me the info and let us decide.  She even gave me some clindomycin to take home to put in my birth kit just to make double sure we had lots on hand.

And apparently it will be a needle straight into my vein - takes like 4-7 minutes.  And I'll need to do it twice, if possible.  I was picturing being hooked up to an IV bag for hours, so this is much nicer.  Although I'll have to be not moving during contractions during this time.

My back is mostly better.  Yay for chiro!  LisaB, I'm sorry you back problem can't be fixed by a few adjustments, I will be thinking of you and Spot during labour.

In other news, Appleseed is in the 26% for size.  LITTLE!  Baby girl!  Why so small?!  But the Interweb says anyone 10-90% are normal (there's that HUGE range of normal again!), and to not sweat it.  The Interweb also says this does not predict future size.

My midwife is very happy with this number.  She says it will be easier to deliver a smaller baby, and as long as baby grows a ton when on the outside, it's all good.  Ok-ay!  I would prefer an 8 pounder (all the babies in my mom's family were big - where is my big baby?!), but I will be happy as long as she's healthy, of course  :)

I think she dropped farther down last night.  I went on a loong (long for a preggo - just checked, it was 3.3km - it sure felt far!) walk yesterday, and since last night it has been rather uncomfortable.  I think I will rest the rest of the afternoon.  Can't wait for DH to come home from work for some snuggles!

Appleseed grows

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