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Well, I've moved onto reading about babies and baby related things.  I was having breakfast with a good friend, and she highly recommended doing some baby related reading now, before the baby arrives - there will be no time then!

Diaper Free
I really liked this book.  We are considering doing infant pottying (my fav term for it, but there are lots of ways to describe it).  It seems like more work upfront, but maybe less work overall.  I know what you're thinking - bunch of crazy hippies letting their children run around naked all day.   It is much more than that, and I urge you to look into it more if you're interested in meeting your child's needs in the most hygienic way.  It ISN'T early potty training (which has negative psychological implications) - it is more like the baby is training you/you cue them when the time is appropriate to let go.  Many cultures do this (African, Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese), it isn't some crazy system someone thought up.  Will I be up to it?  We shall see!

LaLeche League's Womanly Art of Breastfeeding
In progress (and ok, I'm reading some 1980s version).

Baby Led Weaning
Coming Soon!

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