Monday, September 1, 2014

16 months/19 weeks!

Again, sorry I'm late!

We've been traveling - to visit my step-sister in Calgary, and then for a wedding of a very close friend in B.C.  It was at a ski resort - fun!  She was my maid of honour, and I was in her wedding party - fun!  Even if I felt like a whale in the dress.  ;) 

This last week I've been home with her - daycare is closed, so I took vacation.  But we've had family in town, and it was a nice transition from being away, so it's been lovely.  I miss mat leave!

There have been some VERY exciting updates in the IF blogger community lately, that's been wonderful.  Against all odds, TCIE is pg!  Hooray!  I cried when I heard that.  Amazeballs, right?  Love it!  (Want more details!) And JellyBelly is really ready and close to adopting!  Hooray!  LOVE that.  (And using such positive adoption language!) And JBTC's baby girl is now doing so much better - hooray!

Good.  Which makes me so happy, still!  We were eating kinda junky on vacation (lots of pasta/pizza, oh my!), but we're home now and we're back on track. Well, at least the baby girl is - Mommy has not been eating enough vegetables.

Cloth Diapering:
It's been nice to use 100% cloth diapers while we're home!  Now including night diapers, thanks to our fancy wool cover.

She's getting to know some body parts now!  She knows ears, nose, belly button (which we call bee-bo, but close enough), and I think she knows belly now too.  :)  She really likes pointing at Mommy's bee-bo (as it ever expands!).  She follows more complicated directions now (time to go upstairs/go put your shoes on) - not that she can put her own shoes on yet.

Fav Songs:
Still Old MacDonald, If you're happy and you know it, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (which she kinda sings!  cute!)

Baby Health:
She's had daycare runny nose since she started.  Even while on vaca. 

She's been sleeping a LOT since we got home, it had me a bit worried.  I'm talking like 18-20hrs a day!  I was a bit freaked out after she had a really lethargic awake period, but her awake periods seems to have gone back to normal.  I think it's a growth spurt?  Good think I was home to allow for all this sleeping. 

Sleeping is still a major beef I have with the daycare.  Girl needs 2 naps, they only give her one.  They have all sorts of blahblahblah about it, but it boils down to she needs it/too bad.  Grrrr.  I think sleep is VERY important, this does really upset me.  But there's nothing to do but get a nanny, which we're hoping to do for when I go back to work after #2.

My Health:
Baby #2 (Ninja!) seems good in there!  I've started to feel some kicking in the last few days, so that's good.  :)

I had some pretty bad back problems while on vaca.  They seem to be fading in and out now.  Like, sort of a pinched nerve kinda deal.  I think I need someone to nag me about my posture!  It's time for ball-sitting at work now anyway (since we've passed 18 weeks), so hopefully that will help my posture.

I take that whole spinning babies thing very seriously.  I do think it helped while my labour for baby girl, because her position was good.


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