Monday, October 21, 2013

Happy Half Birthday, my Sweetie!

My baby girl is 6 months old today!  How time flies!  Sorry I've been so absent.  Hard to find time on the computer lately!

I thought I'd do a quick state-of-the-union, to update on how things are going.

Infant Pottying:
Pretty good.  We're part time still.  So whenever we change her diaper (or when I think of it in between), we put her on the potty and see if she needs to pee (which she does maybe half the time).  Sometimes it seems like she's waiting for this.  Poos are still only occasional on the potty.  But really, we're not super consistent - if we're out all day, she doesn't get many chances to potty.  We're recently started adding the ASL signs for pee and poo, so we'll see if that turns out useful!  :)  It is super awesome when she pees on a grown up toilet (if we're out).  We're so proud of our good girl.

Cloth diapering:
Still great!  My friend gave me some of her fancy cloth diapers (her kid is now like 4, and they've decided they're not having any more).  They are super fun to use, but I probably wouldn't have spent so much for them, but I sure am glad to have them as hand me downs!  I have 2 Happy Heinys pocket diapers which are my fav, and we're considering buying one more.  We have about 6 Bum Genius pocket diapers, which are my second fav.  I save these fancy pocket diapers for naps/car trips - they magically wick away moisture and so her skin stays dry.  Not that we've encountered diaper rash (yet), but I still imagine its much more comfortable for her.

We have about a billion prefold diapers (like, 24 or 36), and 5 covers.  Love them too.  Easy to wash, and CHEAP.  Because I have so many, I can do wash every three days.  Easy breezy.  And really I can stretch it to four days if pressed (since she does pee in the potty sometimes).  Once the whole wash routine is down, it isn't a big deal.  We'll see how it is when she starts eating.

I have started making my own diaper wipes.  I love them so much, they deserve their own post.

She started to roll both ways right on her 5 month birthday!  :)  She's just such a big girl compared to the tiny infant she was only recently.  I know all you mothers out there are like "duh", but it's surprising to me all the things she can do now.  :)  She almost answers to her name - she's not quite all the way there yet.  And she's SUPER roll-y.

She's still exclusively breast-fed.  Well, excepting vitamin D drops and pro-biotics.  I read somewhere that children that use pro-biotics have fewer colds.  Sign me up! (she hasn't been sick yet, knock on wood!)  We're planning on starting her on food when we get back from vacation in two weeks.  I plan to slow cook some grass-fed liver, and see if she wants like a teaspoon of that.  And to cook some root vegetables in bone broth.  And egg yolk.  We're planning on doing baby led weaning.  We'll see how it goes!

Breastfeeding is much much much much easier than before.  Now it is no big shakes.  Although I do still have to use Lansinoh, or I can get a little sore.  But a LITTLE sore.  Nothing like before.

Favourite Songs:
Let the fall leaves fall,  Pippa's so Pretty, Pippa's been working on the Railroad (to which I try and rub her back to), Skinamarinkeedinkydink, mm mm went the little green frog, the Grand old Duke of York, Hello Pippa and How are you.  She used to be partial to her ABC's, but I think she's over it.  It is very cute.  When one of her favourite songs is being sung to her, she gets a look of joy on her face.  :)

She's generally a happy baby.  Happiest when just up from a nap, tending towards grumpy as it is time to have another nap.  She still sleeps tons throughout the day.  Love my sleepy baby!  In the night she tends to wake up about twice for feeding.  She's still in her pack 'n' play in our room, but we're going to transition her to her crib when we get back from vaca (2 weeks).  Ah!  Not sure how that will go. 

Lots of changes coming!


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