Monday, June 2, 2014

A leeetle joke

Just plain ol' skip this post if you're IF.  Skip.  It's not really that funny,


So at my cousin's wedding on the weekend, they had one of those complimentary baskets in the ladies room.  You know what I'm talking about?  With bobby pins and hair spray and handcream and things - you know, things you may need at a wedding.  Well, in their ladies room basket was also a pregnancy test!

I kind of laughed when I saw it - as if you'd need to check if you were pg at a wedding!  I thought to myself "this is totally a gag!".  So I went and told DH about it, and how it was funny, and together we sort of concocted a plan that I should take it!

DH really had to talk me into it, but in the end I agreed it would be funny.  So I went and took the test (it was still positive, thankgoodness!) and then DH wrote a little note "No drinking for me tonight I guess!" and we put in on the counter.

Then we acted like it wasn't us.  The bride and the bridesmaids were all whispering, and I had to look away guiltily.  At one point the bride said "CS, was it you?" and I was all "What?" with what I was hoping was an innocent look, but probably I looked super guilty because I'm not much of a liar.

The bride went up to the mic and asked who it was (because she wanted to congratulate them, she loves babies), but still I said nothing.

After a bit I went over and told her, and we had a good laugh (we saw your gag gift, we thought we'd raise you one!).  I did say she couldn't publicly congratulate me, but she understood it's early.  Phew!  I was worried she wouldn't find it funny, but she totally did (they are VERY easy going people).  And I think her and my cousin will work on their own new baby very soon - we even did a "wouldn't it be fun to have babies the same age!?" thing.

Funny.  Or maybe you had to be there!

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