Saturday, February 16, 2013

Officially not breech!

She's not breech!
Even though it wasn't a big deal right now (thanks for your comments anon), I was more worrried than I thought.  After the tech said she was head down and perfect... I cried.  For like ten minutes. It was just such a relief.  I don't know.  Am so happy.

In other news, my iron is a bit low.  114?  I'm not worried.

In NYC now!


  1. That's wonderful! And what a beautiful profile pic!
    P.S. I addressed your comment in my newest post LOL. I just don't think it's very nice to assume I'm being unhealthy, but I know you're just trying to be helpful. ;-)

  2. She has your nose! JK.
    Sooo cute. And yay!!!

  3. So glad! Yay for peace of mind! :)


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