Monday, February 11, 2013

Unofficially breech

31 weeks, 5 days

Today, we met our 3rd backup midwife - she's the same one that teaches the prenatal class, so we were already acquainted, that was nice.  She had a student with her as well.

Well, for all appointments up until now, the midwives have not been able to say for sure if the Appleseed's head is down.  There was still time anyway.

After much prodding and poking (they poke HARD), both agreed - Appleseed's head is not yet down.
They filled out an ultrasound request for me, hopefully I will get an appt in the next day or two (I called today, but they were already closed).  Ideally I will have the u/s before I go to NYC - since it can take a week for the results?

[Aside:Have I mentioned our choir is going to sing at Carnegie Hall next Monday?  Cool, right?]

If the u/s confirms breech, apparently there is a list of things they can do, from gentle to less gentle.  Personally, I am happy to have the ultrasound.  An extra confirmation Appleseed is indeed a girl, and things are going along smoothly won't hurt at all!

I don't know much about breech births.  Other than my (blood) cousin's 3rd kid was breech, but they were at home, and there was much drama going to the hospital.  I would like to avoid that!

Today's midwife said about 10 years ago a (poorly done) study came out to say breech births should always be c-sections.  She said it took 10 years of studies to refute that.  BUT, that a generation of OBs now don't know how to catch breech babies.  And I think it would be a transfer of service type of deal.  It makes me sad to just type that.  (Meaning, I would leave my nice midwives and have to find an OB).

BUT.  She'll turn.  I know it.  Everything will be fine.  :)  It is much too early to worry, there are a lot of things they can do still.  Why borrow trouble, right?

They also took some blood to check my iron.  They checked my pre-pregnancy iron level on my chart and both laughed - they were like, "That's the iron level of a 20 year old male!".  Hahah.  It's all that grass fed beef we eat.  :) 


  1. You are wise not to worry yet, baby still has plenty of time to turn head down :). In my current pregnancy (37 weeks along) baby was consistently breech until 35 weeks. I have to admit, I was getting a little bit nervous. My OB started mentioning things like ECV and that did not sound like a great idea to me or my husband. I used hypnobabies' turn your breech baby and several of the suggestions from the spinning babies website. The inversion exercises (okayed first by the dr.) were what really did the trick. I actually felt baby flip to head down. Best wishes for a continued healthy pregnancy and delivery! P.S. I am planning to do hypnobirthing for the first time, with this delivery, I will let you know how it goes! I am really excited about it.

  2. I hope she turns soon! I know sometimes they can turn at the last minute. One of my friends saw a chiropractor to help with that. Glad everything is going good! Good luck!


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