Tuesday, May 28, 2013

It does get better!

Appleseed is 5 weeks, 2 days old

Sorry for not posting for so long!  Things are going much smoother here in the CS household!  People kept telling me "it gets better" - and I was like "WHEN?" - but turns out, for us, that was about week 4.  :)

Appleseed and I are much better at figuring each other out - ok, maybe it is mostly me understanding her better, but it makes for a much easier day.  And I can now put her down for some naps - I hadn't been putting her down at all, which makes life harder.

And she is so cute.  And we love her so much.  Of course.  She made quite the splash her first time at Church two days ago!  :) 

We're mostly into a sleeping rhythm, we are slowly adding bedtime routine type stuff into the day.  Exciting for me - I've now caught quite a few of her pees in the potty.  (Infant pottying)  I hope to be a part-time infant potty-er eventually.

Quick pic (pic is maybe a week old?)

Sorry, it is really hard to find time at the computer.  I've been lurking on all your blogs, hard to comment from the tablet (due to me using various accounts).  The tablet has been a dream - I've been reading lots of e-books while I hold the baby and she sleeps or nurses.  :)

Oh, and my boobs are good now.  Phew!  That ALSO makes life way more easy!


  1. Oh she is so cute!!!! I love that pic. I bought a kindle about 6 weeks after Elizabeth was born and it was great, because yeah - it is hard to turn the pages of a book when you are holding a baby! ;) Glad to hear things are going better and I miss your posts, but I completely understand!!

  2. She is precious...I am so glad that you are in a better spot...I didn't believe people either, when they said that. Glad nursing is going well

  3. She's so beautiful!! Good to hear an update from you! I know you must be very busy! Glad things are going better!! Take care hun!


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