Saturday, June 8, 2013

My cup runneth over

Baby Girl is 6 weeks, 6 days old
(sorry this is a bit jumbled and late - still hard to get on the computer!)

I'm super in love with her.  It is fun to just gaze at her.  :)

Things just seem to be getting better!  We are blessed with a very good baby, things are fun!  And I have my DH here all day now since he's been laid off - we're (well, he is) getting some house projects started.

Like, we're finally finishing the decoration of baby girl's room.  :)  It has had plain walls for ages now - things are going up!  Hooray!  Here is a pic of her light fixture (previously just a bulb).  Also we hung the quilt my choir made me on the wall.  Finally!  It looks rad.

We've moved to using cloth diapers (prefolds and covers) about half the time.  Still using disposable at night and when we go out - and DH doesn't like cloth, so it is mostly my diaper changes that use cloth.

I just bought vitamin D drops for her - probably I should have been using them for a few weeks now, but I didn't know.  Oops!  It's probably fine to start now though, I am thinking.

We had our final midwife checkup - 6 week checkup.  Baby Girl is doing fine - she was 9 lbs, 4 oz.  :)  Right on track.  She's about 50% for height and weight.

The midwife ended the visit asking about our birth control plans.  It seems to foreign!  I'm kind of all "we'll just see what happens"/mucus checks.  I don't really want babies spaced too closely - but any second baby would be a gift I wouldn't return.  She mentioned any time we give the baby a bottle or a pacifier, my fertility would increase.  Hahah - I can't wrap my head around those words meaning a bad thing!  I'm still all for fertility.

Our midwife thinks I will get pg again easily.  She thinks this because she pointed out once my endo was gone I got pg relatively quickly (3 months, if you'll recall), and my labour was smooth, and I have ample milk, so she thinks that points to me having good hormones.  I would like that to be the case, it is a nice thought.

No way will I go on the Pill or anything, so she gave us a natural family planning booklet on the way out and wished us luck!  :)  Can you believe we're already talking about a second one?  (Particularly DH, who loves Irish twins - me, I want some time to enjoy this one first!).  I'm not sure what to think - it would be wonderful to conceive relatively easily when we're ready.  So different than I'm used to thinking.  What a blessing that would be - sometimes your cup runneth over, you know?

I know I am so lucky!  My thoughts still with those of you waiting/experiencing loss.


  1. Aww, she's so adorable! I'm happy you guys are doing well! The light fixture is really pretty! I always thought it would be weird to go on birth control (at least for me) after having infertility. I hope you really are more fertile! That would be wonderful. It seems like a lot of ladies have their 2nd baby more easily, which is great.

  2. So wonderful! Congratulations CS! She is perfect!


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