Monday, June 10, 2013

How Infant Pottying is coming along (7 weeks)

Appleseed is 7 weeks, 1 day

Just a quick update on how Infant Pottying (Elimination Communication) is coming along for us!  My minister asked about it after Church yesterday, reminding me there are others out there who are doing this, it isn't just me being crazy!  :)  (She's a huge fan of EC, btw)

We've been catching pees in the potty since Appleseed was about 4 weeks old.  We noticed that often when we opened her diaper for a change she'd pee, so we started putting her on the potty in the middle of a diaper change - with a clean bum, but obvi before we put the fresh diaper on.

It works pretty well!  We can often catch pees (which make me SO proud!).  We use the potty pictured above - and of course we hold her and support her head still, she's still little.  Although she has very good head control, so they say.

Catching poos is way harder.  I've caught one, and DH has caught one (his was a double).  So far that is blind luck.

We've progressed in the last few days to the point where she fusses, so I go to change her diaper and SHE HASN'T PEED YET, so then I catch her pee, and I have at this point actually saved a diaper!  Woohoo!  Less laundry/cost  (depending if she was in cloth/disposable).  I think this is easier with cloth.  With cloth diapers, they are way more gross on her bottom when wet, so she fusses right away.  So I am apt to try and change her diaper much more often.  With disposables, we have that neat magic blue line that tells you if she's wet, so we think that's not the cause of the fussing, so we try other remedies.

Between DH and I, we probably have so far saved...oh, about 5 or 6 "diapers" this way.  Not a lot yet, but I think this is a good sign.  I am getting much more comfortable with cloth diapering, and that's exciting for me too.  We are using prefolds with Thirsties Duo covers - pretty much as cost-effective as you can get!  :)  With practise, I am getting faster at them, so they're not much more trouble than disposable.   DH still not really on board.   And I don't mind doing laundry so much, the only trouble is planning it - I want as many of them dirty as possible, but don't want to run out...and it would be nice to dry them on the line, but for example today is rainy...and one always has to plan to use large amounts of electricity when electricity is cheap, but often in the evenings I forget/am tired.... it is funny the things that fill my head now!  :)

I'll update again in a few weeks to see if we've made any progress with our pottying!

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