Tuesday, January 21, 2014

9 months

Our baby girl is 3/4 of a year old!  Man, how time flies!

 Our little baby girl is even bigger now!  Can't believe it!

Still mixing purees/mooshed food and a bit of her feeding herself.  She really loves gnawing down on a carrot or piece of apple.  Still haven't fed her any grains - gave her a bit of buckwheat yesterday, she wasn't too jazzed by it.  I will try again later.

She loves greek yoghurt!  So I give her that with an egg yolk for breakfast some days - helps her to eat the egg yolk.  I had to throw out all my nicely prepared beef liver after the power outage (we were out ~60+ hrs), I'm just now getting around to preparing another beef liver.

On the cruise she ate the baby food I brought for her, and we fed her off our plates when appropriate.  So...store bought baby food is like, mostly bananas? I'm not super impressed.  Even the fancy organic ones are mostly bananas and apples.  Um...babies need veggies and protein too, ja?  They would have kale or broccoli on the front and in the name, but if you tasted it...bananas.

I did like the lentils we brought, and gave her some lentil curry that I made this week - she likes!  :)

Still breastfeeding like mad.

Speaking of cruise - here is our baby girl on a beach in the Cayman Islands!  That was a fun day.  DH, Pippa, my Dad (heretoknown as G-Dad) and I hung out at the beach.

Infant Pottying:
I think the cruise week has put us off track a bit.  She was in disposables all week, we hardly pottyed her at all.  She really protests when we put her on the toilet.  But once on, she settles down and pees if she needs to.  I'm hoping this is just a stage and she'll be back to it soon.

Her poos have gotten less gucky, so I can just flip them into the toilet, it's not too much fuss.

Cloth Diapering:
Yes, still on it - except for the cruise week.  My little Pipster is a VERY squirmy baby.  It is now super hard to put prefolds on her - she just won't stay still!  Even with the 'leg over' technique.  So I've ordered a few more velcro diapers (yes, yes, I'm a diaper hog!).  I can put the velcro ones on her while she's standing up - which is what she loves to do in the bathroom, just stand and hold on to the edge of the tub.

Sort of the same as last month.  Is better at standing.  Does some cruising but not very often.  We're trying to teach her to 'high five', but it's in the early stages still.  Meets all her 9 month milestones.  Hasn't done any baby signing back to me yet.

Favourite Songs:
Um...haven't been doing too much singing!  I need to sign up for another baby signing class, so I keep my head in the game!  We're old enough now for 'Mr Bear Says Hello'.

Baby Health:
She did get a cold this month, and has a bit of a cough still.  Otherwise good.

My Health:
I did come down with the same sickness that she had.  I developed quite the chest cough on the cruise, which I am terming "cruise cough".

My lady parts did not quite heal as I would have liked after the birth, I will make an appt to see about this soon.  Still no sign of AF.

Here is our focus for the next month.  She's still feeding about the same number of times a night as ever.  DH and I have decided to bite the bullet and sleep-train her next week (we're planning to go visit some friends on the weekend, we'll start after that.  When we're 'done' we'll go to my hometown to visit Pippa's new born cousin!).  I think it will be rough.  But hopefully it will work, and will have been worth it.

We're planning on reducing her night feedings by one minute a night - to theoretically shift her eating from night into day.  She's still feeding like 3-4 times a night, and that's not going to be cool when I go back to work. I have a friend who this worked for, so hopefully it will work for us!  :)

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  1. Where are you buying baby food from, Bananas R Us? They have tons of vegetable ones and they are perfectly fine for babies.


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