Tuesday, January 28, 2014

All done!

~9 months old

Well, one day after I had posted that Pippa wasn't doing any baby signs yet - she started doing "all done"!  :)

It is very cute.  I will try to catch it on video.  It is like a new world, she can tell us at least this one thing!  Sometimes we don't like it ("are you sure you're all done your carrots?"), but we're trying to respect it.  I think we don't do "all done" the most common way, because I just tried to google for a picture of it and found all sorts of pics of how we don't do it.  Oh well!

In health news, Pips has a bit of a vomit/diarrhea combo deal going on.  The doc says it is going around.  Poot!  Should be done by tomorrow.  The real question is whether or not DH and I will get it!  Chinese New Year is coming up, it would be a shame to not be able to partake of the big family meal!

We're also planning on sleeping over at his parents, so DH can ring in the new year with family, and everyone can eat breakfast together (if we eat the first meal together we'll be together all year).  We're also madly cleaning up today - it's a luck thing, no cleaning on New Years day, so it's a good reason to 'spring' clean before CNYE.  Until DH and I were married, I had no idea what a big deal Chinese New Year is!

Oh, and a word about banana baby food - I will say, I think I have been shopping at 'Bananas R Us'!  On a weekend trip to America (to visit a friend who has a baby due soon!  super fun!) we found lots more veggie options in packets (I was limited to packets when buying cruise food).  I brought home a few so they'd be around if I ever was in a fix and needed some food pronto.

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