Wednesday, April 23, 2014

First Birthday!

We just celebrated our baby girl's first birthday, can you believe it?!  Yikes!  Love her!  We're still so thankful for her everyday.  We often just stop and say..."Can you believe we're parents?!" 

We made a cake to match her dress.  It was tasty and pretty, we're so happy about how everything turned out.  We had a little party at our house, mostly family and a few friends.  Fun!  I didn't want to go overboard on a one year old's birthday party.  But birthday cakes are very important to DH and I (it's always a big deal what kind of cake you will choose for your bday), so we put a lot of effort into her cake. 

I did also end up making some whole-wheat sourdough bread and kefir-cultured butter for the party.  :)

Still good.   We're lucky she's such a good eater!  I did end up giving her the sourdough bread I've been making this month to ready myself for the party.  I think her fav food right now are still mangoes.  I really try to make sure she eats a lot of veggies at every meal, but that can be tough.  She loves chicken as well.

We generally feed her what we're eating - but not if it's too salty.

Cloth Diapering:
Still am so happy we're doing it.  Our dryer is working again, so I've moved back to drying them in the dryer.  Also it's (finally!) getting warmer out, meaning our basement isn't quite so dry, so hanging them inside isn't as good an option any more.  Soon they can go outside!

I kind of don't understand why people (who having washers and dryers in their homes) don't cloth diaper.  I've been thinking about this a lot.  It's cheaper, much more environmentally friendly, good for babes  I think it seems hard, but if you tried it for a week you'd see it's no big shakes.  There needs to be more diaper trial places out there, so you can see for yourself.

Walking!  She's just about there.  Can take 4-5 steps on her own.  Right now she still prefers if you hold her hand while she walks, but every day she gets a bit better!  You should see her in singing class, she's all over the room!  (She's the aggressive kid, visiting every baby/Mom pair)

Her first actual steps on her own were maybe 2 weeks ago.  Both DH and I were there to see it.  We were like "Did you see that?!  She just walked!  Woohoo!"

Fav Songs:
Hrmm...I think "Mr Duck went for a walk".  At Church on Easter it was pretty cute, she was clapping along as the choir sang a song.   A lady in the choir who sits behind me pointed it out, and we both pretty much had a cute-attack.

Baby Health:
Some teething trouble this month, we had a few rough days, but then she was ok. She has 4 teeth coming in on top - two are mostly through already.  We both got colds, and are both over them.  I actually think it was worse for me, I had a fever, she had no fever (good!).  She still hasn't had a fever yet - knock on wood!

My Health:
Still no AF.  A few weeks ago we were visiting friends, and it turns out they have #3 in the oven!  We got to talking about AFs, and she says she hasn't had an AF in 4 years (due to baby baking and milking)!  NICE, right?!  Another friend and I made those ridiculous plans that fertile people make, that if we got pg she'd get pg too so we could be on mat leave together.  Ridiculous.  But I'd LOVE that.  My IF brains says "ha!  It's probably not going to be so easy!"... but one can hope.  She's only giving me I think 5-6 months to get pg, then they'll probably go for it.  Hahaha.  Fertile people!  I was inspired by all of this fertility that maybe I was pg already...but BFN.  AF really just isn't back yet. 

I nurse far less than I used to, so maybe she'll be back...I suppose when I start work (planning on nursing still 2x a day then).  The good thing (besides the obvious) about her being gone are that at least we're not worrying about #2 not arriving yet.  For I do want another baby in my belly pronto!  It would have been nice to go back to work pg, but it looks like that's not going to happen.  Which is ok and all.  I mean, if we don't end up having another we'll still be happy with our adorable baby.  But I'd like another (at least.  truth be told we're hoping for 3).  They are cute.  And the diaper are then even cheaper because they will work for the next baby, should we be so blessed.

Still a champ!  Still about 12 hrs + 2 naps.  2 or 3 bad days while sick/teething, then back to her normal self.  :)  I think she secretly loves sleeping, or her crib toys or something, she normally doesn't kick up too much fuss when she goes down.  Good girl!

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