Monday, May 19, 2014

Today turned from Sad to Glad with a Big Fat.....


OMG.  Yes, you read that right - we are expecting again!

I was expecting to be all "woe is me" - work starts tomorrow.  I was very sad/nervous/upset about going back to work.

I am seriously the most blessed/lucky/fortunate lady in the world.  It's no big shakes going back to now - its only for 9 months!  And we have to pay the mortgage/save up for the next mat leave.

OMG.  Next mat leave.  Wow!  It seems unbelievable!

I know that there are no guarantees this pg will stick, so we'll take it one day at a time.  And this is NOT yet confirmed by a blood test.  It's a holiday here today, so we'll have to fit that in sometime this week.

Wow, I totally have been wishing I could say to my boss when we talked about what I'd be doing back at work, tell her I was pg and only going to be there for 9 months.   Amazing.  And how lucky - its really best for her for planning to be able to know this upfront.  That's actually why I tested today - so I would know for sure when I was going back to work.  I didn't even pray for this or anything, it seemed way too greedy.

Remember I've had no AF (still nursing), so we have no idea about dates or anything.  But I tested sometime last month, so it's probably a few weeks along max.  I feel super un-pregnant, which is why I'm maybe still feeling a bit of shock.  Then again, I had a massive crying jag while watching 'Call the Midwife' (best show ever, btw) on Wednesday, but that was maybe pg hormones.  I even said to DH, "I haven't cried that hard since I was pg!"

Wow.  Wow wow wow.  Half of me wants another girl, the other half wants a boy.  Ha!

What a morning!  I want to test again to make sure!  :)  (and obvi blood test!) It still seems so unreal.  OMG, our little family is growing!  We are so blessed.  Like I've said before, we would be happy with just our baby girl, but we did want more than one if we were so blessed.



  1. Congratuations C! That is wonderful news!!!! Grow, baby, grow!!!! It is Victory day up there, right? Well, this definitely feels like a victory over IF! :)

  2. Congrats! That is such awesome news!!!!

  3. What awesome news! Congratulations!

  4. Best news of the day! Yay! Congratulations!!!


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