Thursday, October 20, 2011

Being the squeaky wheel

We had a visit to Dr Nora two nights ago, and I feel more confused than ever.  She was pissed that Dr A still did the IUI after I had ovulated. 

I fear navigating the Napro world from a logistical point of view will be tricky.  I can't leave my family doc, or I am leaving the practise - and my family doc is close by and nice, I don't want to leave her.   (Since Napro docs are family docs, if I go see them it is money out of my regular family doc's pocket [which means they'll get angry and drop me - I believe it is actually a penalty, not just lost revenue], since I signed up for this total care model - which is generally a good thing and ensure I'll see a doc within a day or so, but in this case... tricky).

So... who will ask for cycle monitoring then?  It gets confusing.  I guess I have to go to her and beg her to do these things that she will think my RE should be doing?  Ai ya.

Dr Nora recommended many more herbal tinctures to help with progesterone/estrogen/adrenal support, so we'll see how those help?  Or we won't see, because I won't have any cycle monitoring.  She recommended herbs for morphology/motility as well, which I have high hopes for.  At least DH is still giving samples every couple of months, we'll be able to see if those helped or not.  (While things are generally much better, morphology and motility could be better).

And DH wants to do a medicated IUI in January.   Which depending on CD1 timing, could end up being mostly-February.  And even if I do that, there will be no luteal phase support - it's up to me to make the pg stick, if I am so lucky to catch.  Or I can take some black-market progesterone, yo.

There is a slim chance Dr Nora can call my family doc and they will establish a report, but most docs I know think Naturopaths are witch doctors, and vice versa.  While I know the squeaky wheel gets the grease... it take so much time/energy to be that squeaky wheel!


  1. You don't have to drop your family doc! I only see my Napro doctor for fertility issues and my family doc for all other stuff -- I've been tempted to ask my Napro doctor for other stuff, but our appointments are only for IF.

    On my MedicAlert bracelet I have both my Napro and GP listed, they both treat me, right?

    If you have any other questions, you know where to find me!

  2. I agree with JellyBelly - my napro doc does not conflict with my family doc at all - she falls under the fertility specialist category. She happens to also be a family doc, but I don't see her for that (in fact, she isn't accepting patients for her GP practice). If you want her contact info, let me know (your naturopath can refer you - and it will take a few months to get in, so the sooner you request it, the better!)


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