Sunday, October 30, 2011

My cousin's 18 year old is pg with her second kid.

For real.
Just saw it on Facebook.


It occurred to me the other day - I hope to someday have grandchildren (as much as this seems a pipe dream right now).  But my cousin (who is like 36) already has a grandchild (ahem, apparently second one on the way).  So theoretically, while I hope to one day have grandchildren, she will likely have great-great-grandchildren.

For real.

(Does the bolding and large red font get across my whiny anger?)



  1. I hear you..WTIF! just got back from the couple who invited me to their baby shower last summer..yeah 1 year ago when i got drunk over sadness and saw their son for the very first time who is 1 year and 4 months old and of course they are talking about having a second kid! WTIF...hold onto your horses..what is the bloody, i don't even have my first one baking in my oven yet! blah..where is that chocolate cake anyhow?

  2. ARGH!!!!!!! There is no justice!!!!!!! I feel the same way when I see my 21 year old cousin with his 3 year old.

    I soooo get your frustration!

  3. I hear you! My little sister had two kids by time she was 22. Brutal. I love them, but WTIF!

  4. So so frustrating! So many of my family members are in their early 20's with multiple kids. I love the children, but I must admit it stings a little....


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