Sunday, October 23, 2011

Love knocks and waits.

So although I am not keeping track, I believe AF is about 3 days away.

I'm starting to get a bit weepy.  I almost-cried in the shower, and two or three times at church today (although, Baptism today - not exactly a cake walk).  Sigh.  Since I don't feel pg at all, I almost just with AF would show up and spare me the next few days.  I have some progesterone-increasing herbs from Dr Nora, maybe those will keep me sane?  I only started them like yesterday, so this I am doubting.

Our November plan is just about figuring the whole doctor situation out.  Thanks for your comment JB and Maddie, I will look into whether or not I can see a Napro doc (ahem, fertility specialist) without losing my family doc.  I totally hate this kind of thing, so I'm putting it off as next month's 'plan'.  November is a super busy month anyway for me, so it will be nice not to have too much to do.  And  my Dr Love appt is in November.

Our RE I think is closed in December (since I believe they work 7 days a week the rest of the year - except that day I ovulated last cycle), so we're back to medicated IUI in January.  That's the plan, Stan.

I am already starting to worry/dread about my big New Years plans with my 22 best fertile friends.  Oh dear.  There will be 7 fertile couples there, and a bunch of wee little ones.  These are my friends - we are all of the same age and socioeconomic class, most of us got married around-ish the same time (within a few years).  And they all have nice babies that seemed relatively easy to grow.  It includes the Accidental as well.  I hope it hits NOT at the end of my cycle, or I may not do so well.  Even worse, DH isn't coming this year.  Thank goodness we have some single friends left.


  1. Maybe the excitement of the new year will outweigh the obsene amount of fertile friends? or the hope of the medicated cycle will keep you chipper? one can hope right? I think you are so amazing for have delt with all those pregnancies and still remain good friends with everyone....your a better man then me. I am still trying to repair friendships I ruined cause I'm so bitter. I hope you know how patient and brave you have been! I hope your Dr Love appt. is successful and I can't wait to hear about it.....and I am counting down the dayes till the medicated cycle~

  2. You are so brave! I avoid gatherings with fertiles at all costs!

  3. Cant wait to hear how the napro doc (fertility spec) goes!


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