Monday, December 12, 2011

Just checking in

I have been SO TIRED today!  It is like I have been in a fog all day!  After dinner we are going to walk to the library then I am going TO BED!  Blargh.  Of course, my thoughts turn to pg... but I've been fooled before, so I'm going to try and keep my head on straight.

I got 2 pg announcements today.
  1. Friend of DH's.  Last of one of his circle of friends to not have a kid, besides us (of course).  Perhaps they had been trying for a while...?  Quite possible.
  2. A coworker ('s wife).  I think they also may have been trying for a while - but in their case I suspect 'a while' was maybe more like 6 months?  You never can tell though, maybe it was longer.
But neither is really bothering me. Which is good.  Which is also a little scary, because I feel sort of removed from it all.  I met up with The Accident and my NYE buddy on Friday, and niether had their kids and neither talked about their kids at all.  NICE.  :)  It was very enjoyable.  I'm slowly turning into a kid-hater... :(

I did get to see Jelly Belly on the weekend!  Just the two of us for lunch - very fun!  (vegan, raw, of course - yum).  And I got to see her cute house (she lives near some friends of ours - small world!).  :)

We had a really great choir concert last night (and then choir Christmas party!  fun!).  A mass choir with several different denominations - now THAT was a resounding Hallelujah chorus alright!


  1. The song at the concert was super-duper. lots of love your DH. :)

  2. Awwww....your DH commented! Sooooo sweet! CS, you don't sound like a kid-hater at're allowed to enjoy non-kid conversation. I don't hate skydiving and I never want to do it, but I sure don't want to listen to someone go on and on about it. It just comes down to not being able to relate.
    Yay for you for keeping up with choir, and I am crossing my fingers that you get your Christmas miracle baby this month.

  3. Thanks for trekking out to the 'burbs to visit me! I've been dreaming of the smoothie that I had! Every time I drive by the restaurant I'm tempted to stop and get one.

    Pg announcements are always tough, good for you for being able to handle it with grace!


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