Monday, December 19, 2011

Still waiting

Still no spotting.  It is grand.  But a quick review of IF Me history shows us that this has happened before - spotting began on CD31 one weird and wacky August cycle.

So unless I get to CD32, I should just hold my horses.

Ok, ok, easier said than done!  I may POAS tomorrow morning for fun.

Our little long weekend home was quite fun!  My Aunt and Uncle spoiled us with Christmas goods!  :)  We just bought a tree today - it smells lovely in here now!  :)


  1. POAS tomorrow! The "what if's" have to be driving you crazy right about now!! I hope this is it for you, I really really do!

  2. I will be looking for an update first thing in the morning!

  3. Looking forward for a good news!


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