Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ow Ow Ow.

I feel like I'm in a lot of pain lately.

I just had a brutal period.  The worst I've ever had.

And my right boob did not stop being sore at the onset of my period like it was supposed to.  (sigh)  After some Dr Google, I think maybe it is a cyst or something?  It is annoying.  It hurts particularly when I sneeze/cough/laugh/lift my arms/hug/breathe very deeply.  I think I will call and book a dr appt today just to be sure.

So... maybe this dairy thing isn't working out for me so well.  Bah.  I love goat dairy.  But if my next period is even worse... it is too much.  I'll have to start taking pain medication (for now I live with the very painful cramps because I don't like taking things if I don't have to).  Or it is from all the crap I've been eating (yes, me!) due to the holidays!  I've been having sugar almost every day.  Well... ok, every day.  And bits of cow milk.

More on that later, we're off to my sis-in-law's for a buckwheat waffle fun Holiday breakfast!  :)


  1. So sorry that you're in so much pain! I know that any sort of dietary changes wreak havoc on my pain levels!

    Get yourself a heating pad and snuggle into bed!

  2. Yuk...that sounds painful, I hope you got a hold of your MD. as for the sugar....yum!! I guess it could be a bad thing though... :(


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