Thursday, April 4, 2013

Final GBS Post (probably)

39 weeks, 1 day

So we've made our final decision about GBS.  Anon x 2 had two good comments on the last post, but turns out I either is not really going to happen.

I chatted up my doctor friend (poor lady, but I HAD to pick her brain!), and I asked about testing the baby for GBS after birth - she said they basically never do that.  If baby comes in with a fever and mom was GBS +ve and didn't take antibiotics, they will give the baby antibiotics.  No time to wait for test results.  And baby would be very sick by the time the test results came back.  (maybe our lab results take longer here?)

And I asked if they could check my strain against clindomycin, and she said in Canada in general our strains are susceptible to clindomycin.  In India (for example) they have some resistant strains, but unless I've been travelling there, I should be good.  I haven't been there since like ~2004.

Doc friend also said the biggest risk with clindo is C.Difficile.  But I am low risk for this.  And (hopefully!) not going to the hospital, I shouldn't be exposed?

So I told my midwife today, and she was cool about it.  She said she'd do the same thing.  I was very impressed about how they didn't try to influence me either way, just gave me the info and let us decide.  She even gave me some clindomycin to take home to put in my birth kit just to make double sure we had lots on hand.

And apparently it will be a needle straight into my vein - takes like 4-7 minutes.  And I'll need to do it twice, if possible.  I was picturing being hooked up to an IV bag for hours, so this is much nicer.  Although I'll have to be not moving during contractions during this time.

My back is mostly better.  Yay for chiro!  LisaB, I'm sorry you back problem can't be fixed by a few adjustments, I will be thinking of you and Spot during labour.

In other news, Appleseed is in the 26% for size.  LITTLE!  Baby girl!  Why so small?!  But the Interweb says anyone 10-90% are normal (there's that HUGE range of normal again!), and to not sweat it.  The Interweb also says this does not predict future size.

My midwife is very happy with this number.  She says it will be easier to deliver a smaller baby, and as long as baby grows a ton when on the outside, it's all good.  Ok-ay!  I would prefer an 8 pounder (all the babies in my mom's family were big - where is my big baby?!), but I will be happy as long as she's healthy, of course  :)

I think she dropped farther down last night.  I went on a loong (long for a preggo - just checked, it was 3.3km - it sure felt far!) walk yesterday, and since last night it has been rather uncomfortable.  I think I will rest the rest of the afternoon.  Can't wait for DH to come home from work for some snuggles!


  1. You may not prefer an 8 pounder when it comes to pushing. ;) Lol! Though I'd say it has more to do with whether or not the baby is in the correct position...C was an 8.5 pounder AND in the wrong position...but hopefully Appleseed is right where she should be and birth will be smooth sailing! Sometimes they are off on how big the baby is...but as long as she's not alarmingly small I'd say you're fine. :) You are going to do AWESOME! And Appleseed will be just perfect. :)

  2. Thanks Hebrews! I am hoping the chiro helped with positioning...(knock wood!)...


  3. We actually get our labs back within an hour or so, so I'm not sure how different it is there. It's not actually testing for GBS, just infection in general. (Well, the blood culture does specifically test for it, but that does take a few days..).
    I'm sure you will do great and she will be perfect! I've been following along for awhile now, just never commented before. I've been TTC for over 2 years myself and love finding stories that give me hope =) Can't wait to hear how things go!

    1. Thanks for following, Anon! Yes, I loved hearing positive stories too while we were TTC - good luck to you!


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