Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Plan for last week

41 weeks!

Well, baby is still not arrived on the outside yet.  That's ok now...but less good as the week progresses.  Risk of merconium aspiration.  If I were to go to 43 weeks, I would be transferred to an OB.

I was about ~1 cm dilated today.  And OUCH, did the checking of that hurt!  Haha, I'm sure labour will hurt more right?  But yikes, that was uncomfortable.  The mw did get to touch Appleseed's head - DH and I were like, "Jealous!".   But I'm not even dilated enough to do a stretch and sweep - which I was going to decline.  But it makes that whole decision a lot easier.  :)  (I want to wait a few days, to see if things can start up naturally)

We also had an enthusiastic discussion about due dates.  My original due date from Ovuview app (which I love, and recommend) on my phone was April 15th - in which case she wouldn't be as far overdue.  After much discussion, it seems like anywhere April 10th-15th would be reasonable.  Not that we're talking about changing my due date, just that it gives us a little less cause for concern since at least the range is all after my official date (which was Apr 10th).

So here is the plan (and I really really like having a plan!):
  • Thursday (apr 18) - another massage.  Rough life, eh?  :)
  • Friday (apr 19) we'll go for an u/s to check... ah, amniotic fluid level,  fetal tone, placenta something...and something else.  I LIKE this.  I want to make sure she's still ok in there!  If there is any indication of problem, we'll get here out of there pronto.  Also 3rd acupuncture session.
  • Saturday (apr 20) mw will attempt a stretch and sweep.  Hopefully I'll be dilated enough to allow for this by then!
  • Sunday (apr 21) - Time for castor oil!  The midwives recommend using peanut (or other nut) butter and verbena oil and apricot juice with the castor oil.  She said it is less harsh outgoing, and it sits in the stomach a bit longer with the peanut butter and is thus more effective.  I'm down.
  • Sunday (apr 21) - Birth herbal tincture.  Contains blue/black cohosh, birth root (?) and ginger.  This is slightly risky - there are no studies.  But mw claims very effective.  I was quite tentative about this, but by Sunday we'll be pretty close to induction day, so I think the risk/benefit ratio will be worth it.
  • Monday (apr 22) - another u/s, same checks as on Friday.
  • Tuesday (apr 23) - appt with 2nd mw.  I'm guessing another stretch and sweep? My primary marvellous midwife will have gone on vacation!  :(
  • Wednesday (apr 24, 42 weeks) - scheduled induction at the hospital.  She said generally they start with foley catheters, but it depends on the doc on duty.  And that inductions are low priority, totally possible we'll get moved if there are a lot of births that day.  That's ok.
For a first baby she's really not that over-far along at this stage, so we're not yet worried.  Hopefully I'll be able to stay relaxed through the week!  Acupuncture does really seem to help with relaxing!  I was already relaxed at the start of yesterday's acupuncture, and I swear by the end I felt so JOYFUL.  You know when you want to cry a bit cuz you're just so darn JOYFUL?!  :)  I didn't picture being here a year ago, that's for sure!  Our baby girl is almost here!


  1. Having a plan is always the best way to go. A flexible plan, but a plan.
    Hugs! I am so excited to be introduced to her one day!
    SOOOOON. :)

  2. I'm glad you posted...I was sort of wondering what was happening! :) I'm so excited for you!

  3. Ok little one...whenever you are ready...just say when! Until then, I'll try to be more patient ;)

  4. Great plan! You are doing awesome!! I really admire you!


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