Monday, October 29, 2012

3rd Midwife appt

16 weeks, 5 days

Sorry I haven't been posting much lately.  Nothing much was going on until today's appt.  I've just been thinking about how lucky I am to have this little Appleseed, all day long!

Oh, other than this strange burst of energy I had this weekend!  THAT was awesome.  I was like, "I must organise the shoes.  The shoes must be organised." and I spent the next several hours doing just that.  Amazing.  I'm the type (for at least the last few months, but even in general) to think I should do something about those shoes...but then not actually do anything for a few years.

So without further ado, the Q&A from my appointment today.

Me:  Can I have hot showers?  And I'm talking really hot showers here?  I like it when my scalp kinda burns.
Marvelous Midwife:  Yes.  Just don't soak in a hot tub for a long time.

Good!  That's what I thought, I just wanted to hear it from her so I don't feel guilty.  I love hot winter showers.  She said I can soak my feet in the hot tub at NYE (should I be somewhere that has one).

Me: Will you do a vitamin K injection after bith?
MM:  Yes.  Not required but highly recommended. The antibiotic ointment in the eyes is mandatory by law.

Good.  I'm down with that.  I'm not really fussed over the eye ointment, even though I think it will be unnecessary.

Me:  If I have an emergy C-section, is 2-layered suturing standard?
MM:  Totally.

Good!  I had read some scary stuff, but she says single layer suturing was only a fad for about 5 years and no one does that anymore.

Me:  If we go to the hospital, am I allowed to eat/drink?
MM:  Yes - unless you're being prepped for a C-section.

Good.  Makes sense.  I'm a huge eater (and protein with every snack).  I can't see doing the whole labour thing without at least some eating in the beginning part.  I can't see making it without food.

Me:  Will you oil my perineum with olive oil during labour?
MM:  Yes!  And hot compresses!  It feels good for you.  Baby comes out a bit oily.

Good.  I had read it can reduce tearing.  I dig it.  Aim is for pain before baby comes, not after. 

I then asked a bunch of questions about shoulder dystocia (thinking of poor baby Hebrews).  She assured me she has had at least 50 babies delivered whose shoulders got stuck, and they got them all out without any permanent damage to the babies.

She did mention she broke a baby's collar bone the other day getting it out.  Um.  Scary.  She said it is ok and the baby heals easily.  But still.  Scary.  But at that point they have to get out, no two ways about it.  Too late for C-section or anything.

My blood pressure is excellent (which I already sort knew, because I check it at the drug store for fun whenever we go), no protein in my urine, my glucose level (by pee stick) is fine.  Appleseed's ticker is clocking in at 150 bpm - excellent! :)

Our big ultrasound (aka, the sexy one) will be in ~2-3 weeks.  :)  The MM swears this ultrasound tech is super wonderful, which I like.  I've had my fair share of ultrasounds, and I know in general the techs say noting and leave you lying there trying to poke them for info, which they tend to give grudgingly and confusingly.

I just can't believe we've made it so far!  I feel so lucky.  But lucky isn't the right word.  It's more than that.


  1. Yay good meeting with MM! Yay answers!! So exciting! Looking forward to seeing you this wknd!!!

  2. Wholly Molly- you did your research girl..great questions...nothing that I asked..maybe I should have!!

    I am so glad you and appleseed are doing you are finding out the gonna tell us???

  3. That sounds great!! I'm so excited for your gender scan!
    :-) I hope we get to hear the news! :-D


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