Monday, October 1, 2012

Due date moved!

All about pg:

12 weeks, 1 5 days
My due date is now April 10th (was April 15th).  4 days closer to meeting Appleseed!  Haha - I know it doesn't work like that, but I feel as if there is some bonus.  :)

Today's checkup with our Marvelous Midwife was super fun.  Some highlights:

  • I asked if "contractions" can be called "rushes".  She was cool with that.  I'm reading the Ina May book, and she uses the term birthing rushes instead of contractions.  Never having done this, a 'contraction' sounds scary and painful to me, but a 'birthing rush' sounds like something maybe I can do.  So rushes it is.  :)
  • We asked how we tell our family doc about this, what is the process?  She said we should call and tell them I have a midwife, and that I will be in for my 8 wk well baby appt, but she'll handle the baby's care up to 6 wks.  She said sometimes they will ask me to bring the baby in at 3 days, and I should decline.  Easy peasy - no way I'm bringing a 3 day old infant into a sick house!  (unless of course there is some drama, but then we'd call the midwife who would come to our house)
  • I told her I'm planning on 'doing the month'/lying in - aka, Appleseed and I stay home for the first month.  Only problem is the 2 week baby checkup is scheduled to be in the clinic.  Right away she was like, "No prob, I'll just come to your house."  Yay!  I was worried I would be imposing and asking a favour, but she was totally ok with it, and seemed to think it was a really good idea to do.
  • I told her we are hoping to do a hypnobirthing class.  She had an immediate strong reaction - she was a huge fan.  She said she hasn't seen any other method that is as effective.  Great!  And I found a class that is ~10 min walk from our house (right by Church, actually), so that will be super convenient.
  • Also I asked about the prenatal classes they run at the centre - we can sign up for the Feb or March classes.  We're just going to check our schedule.
  • I was somewhat concerned that last ultra sound (18 weeks) would be too early to see if I had placenta previa - but she assured me it is not.  Placenta could move, but wouldn't go down after then if it was ok.
  • We asked about cord blood banking.  She wasn't a huge fan.  She mentioned the blood really only lasts about year or so, and she has another client who works in the industry who didn't even save her own cord blood (who had her baby like 2 weeks ago).  She encouraged us to do more research.
Then we heard the Appleseed's heartbeat!  160!  Loves!  :)   That was fun.  She checked my blood pressure and whatnot - which happens to be excellent.  Great!

Then onto Vietnam...
We told her our new concerns.  She basically said she (of course) can't make the decision for us.  She did say if it was her, she'd go.

Here's some new info leaning me to 'no' though -
I will be travelling when I'm ~21 weeks to ~27 weeks.  If I go into super early labour, a baby born in Toronto could survive (albeit with potentially major birth defects).  A baby born in Vietnam will not.

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  1. How exciting! I LOVED our hypnobirthing class, btw, and I felt like it made a huge difference.


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