Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

13 weeks 4 days

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

We've had most of our thanksgivings already!  Last night was Thanksgiving at my Uncle's (mmmm...good turkey, and the best pumpkin pie I've had in years!)  , so we got to tell the family - we'd been waiting for this big announcement.  The floodgates are now open, so to speak.  (As my cousin put it - "I'm going to tell everyone I know, ok?")

That was fun.  My cousin and his wife have officially started to TTC, she has super bad endo, so I was kind of worried the news wouldn't be so exciting for her... but it turns out she was sick and didn't make it.  Which isn't good of course, but allows her to process the information on her own, which I always preferred.  They are building a super cute house that will be ready in a few weeks, and they've been majorly stressed about that, I hope things settle down for them after they've moved. 

Haha, when ever we come back to my home City, I always try to convince DH we should move here.  We had another debate about it yesterday, and he was having none of it!  See, the things is houses are SO MUCH CHEAPER here I wouldn't have to go back to work if we lived here...but still DH would have to get a job, and jobs are sort of hard to get here, thus the cheap houses.  But it would be fun.

And going to church at my old church was soooo fun!  It has a totally different vibe than my big-City church.  A lot of the people have known me since I was like 4, and another bunch since I was like 15.  That's nice.

Oh, we told our good friends on Friday night, that was super fun.  She has two adorable kids, and I'm looking for lots of advice from her.  They already have begun to press baby things on us - scary!  But they are moving soon, no point moving baby things to their new house (their youngest is 2.5 years).  We specifically are too scared to buy any baby stuff yet, this will be the first....yikes.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving (although belated I know)! I am so glad that you made the announcement at Thanksgiving - what an awesome thing to give thanks for! Grow, appleseed, grow!


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