Sunday, September 30, 2012

Adoption Seminar, Days 3 and 4

12 weeks

Well, we are officially done PRIDE training!!   In the end, I really liked it, I think it was a great experience.  I would have wished there was a little more emphasis on local non-infant adoptions, but there was quite a lot.  And it has left us with a HUGE resource book.

And lots of adoption buddies.  They are planning on meeting up at the next A.R.E (adoption resource exchange - sort of like an adoption fair) that is in October.  We won't be going, because our plans have shifted out due to Appleseed, but that is really cool that they are going, I'm slightly jealous.  DH might go just to check it out.  There is a keen couple that is planning on putting together a mailing list of everyone, and people are talking about a 5 year reunion, with our kids!  :)  (Not sure it will happen, but a really nice idea.)

I think it is just like having IF ladies - super important.  I can't tell you how much that first meeting of the IF group was to me.  Some of you will remember I cried the whole time, but I really needed to see other women in my situation, which I still felt a lot of shame about at that time.

I did learn something shocking yesterday - for adoption, you only get 8 months maternity leave (called parental leave).  What what?  I thought it was the same as for birth (12 months).  Apparently the rules changed a few years ago, and are being challenged at the supreme court.  We shall see.  Seems highly unfair to me.

While still feeling unsure about fostering (need to do way more research - there are administrative complications as well), DH is quite convinced he wants to adopt a child (not that he wasn't before, but this has really cemented it).  Probably after Appleseed, and then God-willing we'll either have another child by birth, or by adoption.


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