Thursday, January 17, 2013

Met Secondary Midwife today

28 weeks, 1 day

So we met our secondary midwife today!  From now on our appointments will rotate between the primary (the Marvellous Midwife) and this secondary one.  At the birth there will be two midwives.  Always.  That's the rules.

There is also a tertiary midwife, but we don't meet her for a while (I don't think she is assigned yet).  If primary or secondary are busy with another birth, or off duty, she'll step up.

So secondary midwife was ok.  She seemed nice enough.  I was a bit of a gloomy Gus today (another sickness coming on?  cloudy weather?  wrong side of the bed?), so I am not super excited about it.  She did seem a lot more "page us if this-this-or-this" than my Marvellous Midwife is.  I think because the MM is older, she's seen a lot more, she's more chill.

I'm still crossing my fingers MM will be available on the big day!

I was reading mothering magazine in the waiting room (super hippie - loves), and I came across part of an article about how having a scarred cervix can slow down labour.  I asked the secondary midwife, and she confirmed.


We all know I have a scarred cervix!  WHY DID NO ONE MENTION THIS AT THE TIME?  I really really really don't think I needed that surgery so long ago.  It was totally bogus, and no one mentioned any problems that could occur.  (And it felt like 10 knives being stuck up my hoohah - painless I think NOT!)

It does seem that they can massage the cervix to break up the scar tissue.  Good.  It seems like often ladies go from 0-4cm, then stall for a few hours, then all of a sudden go the rest of the way.  I am doing a LOT of work to make sure I am calm and relaxed during labour, I think I would start to worry I am doing something wrong if I stall.  At least now I know.

I'm def going to bring this up with the MM in 2 weeks and see if she has any experience with it!

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