Monday, January 28, 2013

Midwife Visit Update

29 weeks, 5 days

Everything seems to be going along swimmingly.  :)

This week I was back with my Marvelous Midwife.  I do think I am more comfortable with her so far, so it was nice to ask some tougher questions.

Me:  I didn't feel the baby kick as much as normal on Saturday (but Sunday/today were ok), I got a bit worried.  Should I be doing a kicking log?
MM:  No.  She is fine.  At least one kick in morning, afternoon, evening - all is well.

Good!  PHEW!  I was quite worried and required serious snuggling on Saturday night.  The 2ndary midwife had said I should feel 4 kicks an hour, but that the baby can sleep an hour and a half...all that seems complicated to keep track of to me, so I was like I will start a log if the MM thinks I should.  But she doesn't.  And I have to say - good.  We have a lot going on right now with the mini-reno fast approaching, I'd rather spend my time reading baby books than on a log that doesn't matter.

Me:  What do you mean exactly by helping me through each surge?
MM:  Suggesting new positions, touch, staying present with you.

Ok.  This is more what I thought.  The Hypobirthing practitioner said her midwives were totally hands off.  My marvelous midwife is a touchy lady, so I couldn't see her not touching to give comfort.

Me:  Does baby need formula before my milk comes in?  Should I have some around in case? [Our cousin has recently given birth, and her nurses told her to give the baby formula for those first few days]
MM:  NO!  The baby is ok for about five days with just colostrum.  We'll tell you when to use formula if you need to.  Don't have it around - you will be more likely to use it.  With your family history of allergies, I wouldn't use it unless we had to.

Ok, that's what I thought.  Just wanted to check.  I super don't want to use formula.  She said day 1 babies sleep.  Day 2 babies cry - this helps your milk come in.  Day 3 Mommies cry (milk comes in) - she said often your body can't start producing milk and keep you sane at the same time.  Ok, good to know.  But sometimes milk doesn't come in until day 4 or 5, it is ok.  And if a midwife tells you to use formula - it's time to go buy formula.  We'll cross that bridge if we get to it.  She said babies come ready to lose weight those first few days - they come out with extra padding and fluids to make it through ok.  And that their tummies are the size of garbanzo beans!

All in all, things going well.  I am 29 cm now.  Not sure if the head has turned yet.  As you know I am gunning for an 8-pounder, but she says she thinks it will be a 7 pounder.  Bah.  Maybe I should eat more?  Let's see what Dr. Google says about that.

My next appointment (in 2 weeks) is with the third midwife backup.  It will be interesting to meet her!


  1. great questions as usual, I am learning so much from you! Awesome answers about the milk coming in!!

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  3. Was that swimmingly a pun? YAY for such a great midwife.


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