Thursday, January 10, 2013

You give me fever!

27 weeks, 1 day

Hello hello!

I was out for the count for a few days.  Monday I just felt super off, but I couldn't pin down exactly what was going on.  Monday night I had a low fever.  You will laugh if I tell you the number, it is super low.  But for me at least, this is enough to bring on the fever pains.

Do you get fever pain?  I get random leg pains, my skin hurts - totally lame.  That's how Tuesday night I finally realised I needed a Ty.lenol - I was lying in bed, and I suddenly thought "Hey!  My legs should not hurt!  I'm just lying here!  What the heck!  I better check if I have a fever."

All day Tuesday I was kinda hurty, it was kind of a crap-tastic day.  I probably had a super low fever all day and didn't realise it.  In hindsight I should have been taking Tyl.enol.  I was worried this was just how things were going to be aching in the 3rd trimester.  But thankfully, those pains have died away, they seem to have been fever related.

I didn't end up getting nose/throat symptoms by Wednesday, which sort of freaked me out - I had been assuming I was getting the flu.  I called my midwife, and she said it was ok, not every flu has nose/throat.  Although I am logically thinking the Appleseed is fine, googling scary things on the Interweb did make me cry (a few times) before I pulled it together and called her.  Poor DH was distressed.

And well, yeeeehaw.  I can live WITHOUT a headcold.  I seem to be ok today.  No fever last night.  I was also dizzy a LOT on Tuesday and somewhat on Wednesday, so I'm working from home today in case the dizzy isn't totally over.  I majorly dislike spending all day at work with my head in my hands at my desk feeling like I just want to lie down.

Through all of it Appleseed seems ok.  So nice to be able to check her heart rate!  (still hanging in the 150s).  While the spot we check for her heart rate has moved, I don't think she's turned yet.  Still has me slightly concerned, but there is plenty of time still.

I am still thrilled to be pregnant.

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