Sunday, January 20, 2013

Really jazzed about baby led weaning!

28 weeks, 3 days

Ok, so I'm reading this book about baby led weaning.  I'm so jazzed about it!

If you've got a young baby or a baby on the way, check it out!

The basics are that you give the kid food, not purees.  Starting at 6 months.  And let them feed themselves.

So yes, it gets all over the place - but eventually they'll have good hand-eye coordination!  :)

For ~2 months the babies will just play with their food, leaning textures and how to grip, then eventually they'll connect it to being hungry and fill their little bellies. 

The benefits include not having to fight with your baby to finish a jar of food, and not knowing if they truly are still hungry or not.  If you put healthy food in front of them, they will eat it.  AND so they'll be less picky, trying normal foods - not just pureed veg and fruits and cereals, and they we are left wondering why at 5 years old they still only eat mac and cheese.

AND less work for Mom.  You just give them what you're having!  (one caveat - no salt)

Ok, I'm not done the book yet, so I'm not sure how soups are handled.  I think maybe you don't eat them for those months.

So far this has been the funnest baby book I've read so far!  :)  I'm about 2/3 way through, but I highly recommend it!

I am totally picturing myself out to a restaurant with the family, and simply bringing a pair of kitchen shears (and alcohol wipes to clean it), and cutting whatever I'm eating up for Appleseed to explore.  That way she'll be exposed to many different types of foods early!  All of this is while you're still boobie feeding, because that is where their nutrition is coming from.  They should naturally want fewer boobie feeds as they actually start eating more.

I'm so excited to try it out!  :)

Ok, the Hypobirthing lady will be here soon, got to run!  Hugs to everyone! 

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