Wednesday, September 14, 2011

IUI #1 is a bust?

Numbers aren't good today.  Follicle is too large for hormone levels.  :(  Essentially the follicle is pretty much mature (~20mm), but I'm not near ovulation yet.  I was hoping that I was ovulating early, but no dice.

I am very very sad.  I spent all day yesterday feeling great, so positive, so dare-I-say hopeful, that things were finally coming together... but they're not.  I had a big workout yesterday (shouldn't that increase my estrogen?  WTIF?!), was feeling happy and energetic all day.  Bah.

The nurse (who is named after cheese - and not the one you'd think) told me to come in again on Friday for another wanding/bloodwork.  She was very unimpressed with my single follicle.  She thinks the doc will cancel the cycle... I think probably not, since it was justified as a sperm diagnostic, but it is rather disheartening.

This is all further complicated by being Male Factor.  When to BD is tricky - we can't go longer than 5 days without, else they will go bad - and Friday will be 5 days.  But we need at least 3 days in between 'samples'.  So we can't go now, because if Friday is the day it won't be long enough.  But maybe we'll BD tonight, and take the risk that Friday they'll tell us Saturday is the day, and that will be 3 days?  Or if it is Friday, 5 days would be better than 2, but.... frig.  Maybe 2 is enough?

Or maybe my darn follicle will be too darn large anyway, so all of this matters not.  Internet seems to say both that anything over 24mm is too ripe, and that conversely ladies have gotten pg with follicles that are 34mm?  What's the deal?

It all makes me very sad.  And I think that makes me nauseous - the stress?  Either way, I fled from work.  I started to cry a bit in my cubicle - and that's not cool.  Better to be home. AND my right ovary hurts.  And I want to eat fugdeeos (but I don't eat store bought cookies).  Dangit - why is this so HARD?  :(

By the numbers:
Follicle ~20mm
Lining 8mm
Estrogen 440 (prev peak was 650)
LH 4.4 (prev peak was 48)
Progesterone 3.3
FSH 2.8
CM creamy (yesterday was EWCM)


  1. hmmm....can't they give you a trigger shot to pop that mature follie? I am not sure what to say about the BD timing - can your doc tell you what to do about this? Do you have access to him instead of Nurse Cheese? And, for the record, I would eat the damn fudgeeos - you deserve something sweet!

  2. Is her name Gouda????

    I'm so sorry that it doesn't look like IUI #1 is going to work out. :(

  3. Damn! Her name was edam? Or Limburgh?
    Sorry it didn't work this time! Love you!

  4. Sorry to hear about can be pretty stressful the entire process...yeah, go eat those damn fugeeos will ya! Ms. Gouda that is so funny! Indulge a will help you stay "sane" during the process.

  5. Thanks so much ladies for your kind words - it helps a lot. - I did comfort myself with goat cheese, some wine, and Teen Mom 3, and gelato. ( wasn't upset enough to eat transfats)

  6. I'm with JB...Gouda? Haha. Don't get too discouraged. Sometimes it's the times you don't think it works, that it works! Did that make sense?

  7. I am sorry about the frustrating news....I often try to view a less than perfect cycle as getting me that much closer to the perfect cycle! Hang in there!


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