Thursday, September 8, 2011

Shampoo Eureka

I just had an epiphany.  About Shampoo.

I had noticed that I seemed to not get an itchy scalp when using my latest "hippie Shampoo".  And then I would get an itchy scalp when I washed my hair at the gym (I bring little hotel shampoos I've collected over the years), or when I travel (say, to my parents, who keep normal shampoos you can buy in the drug-store in the guest shower for us).

It was particularly bad when I was home this weekend, so I tried some Head and Shoulders while we were at our friend's place on Sunday night.  It got slightly better, but is still a bit itchy.  And I was thinking - what the heck, maybe I'll have to switch to H&S.  I loathe the scent of it, have been nagging at DH to switch for years without success, so have stopped nagging him.

But then I was wandering around the Internet looking for home remedies to dandruff, and lo and behold - "Make sure to examine the ingredients on your shampoo bottles and if ammonium/sodium lauryl sulfate is listed don’t use it anymore. It’s something they put in the shampoo to make it soapy. It can lead to dandruff, burning, and itchy skin."

What the heck!  It all fits together!  My darn SHAMPOO was causing me to itch!  The world is a scary place.

Now how can I convince DH to try my hippie shampoo for a few days?  I actually do love this latest one I've tried, I think it's a keeper - I will actually buy it again when I run out (normally I am not a loyal shampoo-er).  He has a different head than me, this might not be the cause of his itchy scalp, but it is worth a shot!  He's been using Hea.d and Shoul.ders for YEARS - he will not stray.  He doesn't use the store brand even.

Because, most importantly - Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is maybe bad for the spermies.  MaybeProbablyOh dear.


  1. I have serious shampoo problems. 1) most of them make my hair look and feel blah. 2) did I ever mention how I went bald for awhile in University? True story. I have the picture (singular) to prove it!

  2. I'm an Aveda addict. It's the only shampoo that doesn't drive my sensitive nose crazy!

  3. JB - you should try Desert Essence unscented. It's fabulous! And ingredients are good....

  4. I just checked two stores and I couldn't find it! Hopefully I can get my hands on some soon!

  5. You can get it at the Orange Carrot (scent-free section! awesome! If you are coming to the Danforth LET ME KNOW, come over for coffee!), or the hippie vitamin store in Kensington. (I just bought another bottle today)


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