Friday, September 23, 2011

So... do I or don't I need extra progesterone?


By the numbers:
Lining 12mm (good)
Estrogen 293 - ?
LH 3.2
FSH 2.6
Progesterone 26.9

Is that an ok number for progesterone today?  I am six days past ovulation.  I am slightly obsessing.  I asked Nurse Cheese about if it was good enough...they're not much for commitment at Dr A's.  She was all, "I've seen a viable triplet pregnancy with progesterone levels of 30" and "I've seen a successful pregnancy with progesterone of 25".  All well and good - but should I be supplementing?!?  The Napro peeps and Dr Nora LOVE supplementing progesterone, but Dr A isn't a fan at all.  I would really appreciate any advice, if you have it, blogsisters!

In other news, I do have a little bit of the sore boobies.  This is good.  Since the TCM herbs have been out of my system, I haven't had a month with sore boobs.  And I swear I had low level cramping last night.  I like those things.  I was crazy tired last night and this morning, which I also thought was good, but I'm ok now...which maybe isn't as good.

All in all, I've been pretty chill (for me).  This picture sums it up:  waiting.  It is my wallpaper at work, and I find it soothing.  The SB are messing with my head a little bit though, we'll see if I make it through next week with my sanity.  Our 2nd anniversary this weekend - officially two years of 'trying'.  It will be a huge bummer if this cycle doesn't catch - two years was supposed to be some sort of cut off for us - time for adoption?  But we're not quite ready yet... we're just waiting.


  1. From what I know, 26.9 is good. And I love that the boobies are sore and you are tired. For me, I was "abnormally tired" and knew something was up. I'm still praying for you!

  2. MHE, you have put a huge smile on my face! :) Thanks!

  3. Honestly, after all these years of getting my progesterone measured I have no idea what a good level is! I just trust my doctor when she says it's good or bad!

    I hope that your 2WW isn't driving you too crazy!

  4. Ah, JB, but you're doc and my doc have different ideas of "good".

  5. blogger just ate my comment!! I said, that your number sounds good- My napro MD would probaby still have me take 200mgs by mouth from 3-12 days after ovulation, OB MD says that anything over 16 wile trying to get preg/pregnant is good. SO confusing! And I agree with your comment on my blog...Rita Rose will have to be napro baby #2.

    St. Rita Roses

  6. my advice would be to go with what the doc. gave you this time and forget about numbers. Spend this time with your hubby for your aniversary!!!

  7. Your halfway through your 2WW....Praying! I think 26.9 is great, but I also have never heard of supplementing too much with progresterone. Best wishes!


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