Saturday, September 17, 2011

You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both...

What an emotional rollercoaster this week has been!

Mon:  Doing good - very optimal.  First u/s + bloodwork seems to go well.
Tue:  Feeling really +ve and hopeful and energetic!
Wed:  Awful convo with Nurse Cheese.  Very sad and weepy.  Had to eat an enormous amount of really nice raw milk goat cheese, drink a large glass of wine, watch a bit of Teen Mom 3, and go out for pear gelato to cheer myself up.  
WedHebrews is really pg!  Yay!  (I was her prayer buddy for Lent, so this is especially exciting news - I prayed hard for those tubes to be open!)
Thu:  Read that E had her first period ever naturally, due to Inositol supplements.  Wow!  I LOVE hearing about how supplementation 'fixed' something!  (since I love nutrition)
Fri:  Another difficult conversation with Nurse Cheese.

I went in on Friday for my wanding, and the office was in a tizzy - they are replacing the carpeting  (which is good - the office is this BEAUTIFUL old Victorian house that has been nicely remodeled, but with really ratty carpeting).  So Dr A actually did my blood draw - I was a little nervous, he does this waaay less often than the nurses do (and he seemed a bit nervous too), but it was excellent.  He didn't seem to care about my too-big follicle ("your body doesn't run on an exact schedule like German trains do").

Nurse Cheese pretty much thinks this cycle is toast.  She keeps wanting us to BD, but I'm like "Um, we're MF, shouldn't we have at least 3 days in between?", then she hems and haws about it, because it is really non-obvious what the best thing to do is. 

IUI will be Sunday.  Have to skip church!  I told my choir director lady I won't be here on Sunday, something just came up, and she was like "Everything ok I hope?", and I was like, "Tell you in a few weeks!"  Hah!

I am nervous for tomorrow.  Even though I know it's no big deal.  I think it's because I am NERVOUS for the end of this upcoming 2WW!  I've had 2WW in the past when I've been terrified of AF arriving... I think this is going to be like that.

I asked Nurse Cheese if they would be wanding or doing bloodwork on Sunday, and she said No.  IUI is Sunday.  End of story.  I guess they don't care to know when it hit with respect to ovulation.  Is that normal?  Don't they have an scientific curiosity??

By the numbers (yesterday)
Follicle is 23mm
Lining 10-11mm
LH 10
Estrogen 599
FSH 3.1
Progesterone 3.4


  1. Hope everything goes perfect, perfect, perfect tomorrow.
    Love you!

  2. Sorry about your rollercoaster week. And thanks for the shout out!! And for your prayers! I know they were a crucial part.


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