Thursday, September 29, 2011

So here's my take on this whole she-bang:


All preggo signs have ceased.  No more heartburn, no more crying or drama, no more tiredness.  (Yesterday I finally woke up and realized I have such a nice DH, to try and look on the bright side - aka, my mood got better.  The days before those thoughts just didn't hold water, all I could think was "boohoo".)  BUT, here is my crazy-talk for today:

(warning TMI coming)

I think I was preggo for like 2-3 days, and then it was done.  Today there was a huge gross red "tissue like" mass when I wiped today.  I have never seen such a thing.  Like, huge.  Like 1/3 or 1/4 of a golf ball.  (Sorry.  I warned you.)

  1. Sperm was no good
  2. Egg was no good
  3. Embryo was no good
  4. Environment was no good
I am betting on #4.  Sigh.   What's the deal, yo?

So.... either I needed maybe progesterone or something else and didn't get it (or it got something it didn't want - infection?), environment was unsuitable, bye bye baby.  In which case I should go see a Napro doc.  (Or the magic of endo - yes, as I am here with my VERY OUCHY AF, endo comes to mind again... - in which case I should see a Napro doc.)

Or - this was just my first miscarriage.  No harm, no foul.  One in four, right?  This way I didn't ever really know, so I couldn't be so anguished.  In that case - we keep trying naturally, and in a month or two, visit Dr A again for IUI with Clo.mid.  Chances will then be 40%.

I will go in tomorrow for my "BFN test", just so maybe Nurse Cheese can say something mean to me, to brighten my Friday.

Either way, next month is "off".  No counting or anything.  I think my poor husband needs a break from everything so scheduled as well.  We see Dr Nora mid-month, I can ask her for a referral to a Napro doc at that time if that's how we're going to go.


  1. Same thing happened to me when we were ttc, had all preggo sxs, things felt "different", then golf ball size bloody tissue like period, it was horrifying...I totally though it was a chemical pg. What was ur progesterone 7 days after ovulation? Did they take blood?

  2. awww hugs for you CS, I understand how you feel, try to take it easy, i know it is hard.

  3. 7dpo progesterone was 26.9, St Rita. Hrmm...well, since you are pg now, that kinda makes me feel better the same thing happened to you?

  4. Sorry for the TMI, but with endo I pass some pretty huge clots (sometimes it's pretty frightening). My gut says you need some sort of progesterone support!

    Sending you big, big hugs!

  5. Very interesting JB! Food for thought.

  6. :( i am so sad about this, i was so hopeful. i still am though and believe you will find the missing piece to this puzzle!

  7. I am hopping on the progesterone bandwagon too! Get thee some! I needed both progesterone suppositories and HCG and clomid. Sorry for CD1....


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