Thursday, November 24, 2011

Dr Love recap - Lap scheduled

Gosh, I just don't know how I feel about how this appointment went!

Dr Love felt around for endo, did a vajay ultrasound, and concluded:  He didn't know if I had endo.  He did not want to say one way or the other if I should have a laproscopy, he said he wanted it to be up to me.

Well, I don't know!

He also said I likely would have stage I or II.  And he said couples with stage I or II that have surgery only have a 1 in 6 improvement on their odds of conceiving strictly due to surgery.  Which is about as clear as mud.

Then I sort of freaked as I was leaving, because I prodded the nurse, and she said I could schedule feb-march if I scheduled now, but if I wanted to wait, I would have to come for another appt (end of Dec), and then they'd be scheduling April.

So I said I wanted one.  March 21st.  It is scheduled.  Unless, (miralce of miracles) I do get pg before then, oviously it is off.  Given that we have IUI#2 plans for January, if that doesn't take, then the lap might be a good thing to check off the list after that.  Then I could do IUI #3 in like May/June timeframe, to allow for some healing.  Gosh, look at me go deep into next year!  Ai ya.

He thinks I shouldn't be eating meat.  I explained how that is contrary to the Weston J. people, and he nodded and sort of said I should go with what makes me feel healthy, in the end.  But this conversation sort of circled around several times.  And he recommended meditation.  Which is not a bad idea.  Work stress has been creeping up again.

DH thinks the surgury is a waste of public funds.  Maybe it is - I just don't know.  I wanted to put the endo question to rest, but of course, you can't without a lap.  At least he said that, and not the straight off "No" that other docs have said, even though that's not true.  So I do feel bad about maybe wasting public money... and certainly if I do a surgery and have to be cut open and heal all for no reason, that is stupid and painful.... thoughts, ladies?


  1. DO THE SURGERY!!!!! I wish that I was given the choice sooner. It is the only way to diagnose what is going on with you!!!!

    I'm sorry that I'm being so emphatic, but I lived with endo for seventeen years and so many doctors suspected nothing.

    I'm getting off my soapbox now.

  2. Well that sounds... confusing. It didn't for sure clear anything up, but maybe it makes sense to me that you scheduled it.

  3. Yeah, i felt that way too after meeting dr. love. I was confused and the meat thing..blah, don't worry about it, trust me you just can't cut out meat..the most you can do is go organic. Just limit how much red meat you eat but again i went to the nutritionist for free at the big carrot and got a better picture and more detailed information on what is good or not for my situation and what to eat or not. She cleared me up in respect to this issue as Dr. love completey confused me.

    The endo part well, since this appt is not till March and you are planning to do IUI#2 ..just go with what you planned to do and see how iui #2 goes. In the meantime you still have time to think about whether or not you want the lap done. But if he suspects endo stage I or II and lap is a routine procedure and if at least it can give you a more precise picture into what is happening inside of you that is something to think about. But, I do think we all don't like to hear anything about cut open or cut up (trust me i know) but i find just putting this issue down for now and not stressing about it too much helps, as i know it is too much to take in right after you hear so much about yourself and a lap scheduled.. just revisit it again after your IUI#2. THe appointment will not go anywhere unless you cancel it. Blah, even if you cancel it you can always reschedule it no big deal. ..not the end of the world.. I think Tishi did a lap at one point in time too if you read her blog again about it..don't remember if she did it with Dr. Love.

    I've ponder that question too, do surgery and heal and not get pregnant (although my circumstance is different from yours) but this is a question you will need to really ask yourself and give yourself some time to think about it and hopefully soon you will have a better picture if you want to do it or not..I mean get more information about getting a lap done and how is done, what is the recommended timeline of healing. I am sure both JellyBelly and Tishi might be able to offer you with some insight about this. I spoke to people I knew who had the Fibroid surgery to get more insight and that helped me make my decision. If nothing else i think dr. love is the best with endo stuff he actually was the only one who told me that it was not good for me to do anymore IUI as the drugs will increase my fibroid (no chance of conceiving at all)..the other dork doctor did not say anything to me and wasted my time doing those useless IUI and wasting my $$$$. At least Dr. Love is blunt. IUI treatmetns are not that expensive but they are not the cheapest either and the emotional rollercoaster..blah..Good luck.

  4. GET IT!!! Yes, cant wait for March 21st! I had no symptoms of endo~ I got the lap proudly and Md found Endo I and adhesions that could have been submitting toxins disturbing egg/sperm meet up :) I am glad you have a date!

  5. I didnt want the surgery either, so I get where your coming from! I am still not sure hpw much it helped but i did the iui 2 months after. Dr. love said the same thing to me, that I would likely have stage one or two and I had stage 2 which was removed. The wat he does the surgery should also lessen your endo symptoms which is helpful. I know hes hard to figure out but I like that he allows us to make our pwn decisions rather then telling us what to do. He is weird about the food!

  6. I am excited that you have a surgery date but I pray that you don't need it because of a positive pregnancy test before that time! Hang in there!


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