Sunday, November 27, 2011

I am not alone on NYE!

Ladies, I feel SO wonderful today.  Misery loves company is a total understatement when it comes to IF, I think.

Last night was our first Christmas party of the season.  It is our traditional party with my university friends - the same group of people that will be on our traditional New Year's Eve ski trip.   The same group of friends were everyone but us has one or two kids already - except for the engaged couple, who have babies in their eyes.

This year the Chirstmas party was mayham - it seemed like there were a million kids underfoot.  Cute and everything, but... it sort of almost made me glad I didn't have one.  (At this party there are more people than will be at ski trip - there were like 60 people).

So at one point I'm talking to a friend's wife (and I have at the point suspect maybe they tried a bit for their kid - like 6 months), and she tells me she's pg with their second.  I say congrats and all that (meanwhile thinking - ah, life is so easy for you) - it doesn't even bother me anymore.  Especially the second kid (unless you're 18) - good for you, grow your family, that is nice.  BUT THEN SHE SAYS - "Yeah, this one was a surprise, especially after how hard it was to have the first one."

And it turns out they had to do like 4 or 5 medicated (with injectibles! serious stuff!) IUIs!  An IF sister!  Right in my own group!  Loooooove it.  Isn't that terrible of me?  I should be sad for them - but they have a beautiful baby boy now, so I am just so happy to have someone in my corner on NYE, if need be!  So then I told her we were having trouble, and we'd already done an IUI, and we'll be doing another one in January... all so easy.  It was a quick but amazing conversation. 

And as always when you tell someone, I feel a million pounds lighter today.

AND, she's like super healthy seeming to me - I love another case of IF when there are no outward signs, which I think we are like.  She has run the Boston marathon for pete's sake!  I guess I will call her/them codeword Boston from now on.  :)

Boston stole our baby boy's name (the only one we could agree on).  But they worked hard for it.  Isn't that ironic a bit?

Something else a little shocking - she said their first six months she was at a clinic in the States (logistical reasons), and they gave her Cl.omid without ANY cycle monitoring!  WTIF!  Shocking.

Advent prayers buddies are assigned today - looking forward to it!


  1. It feels so good to talk to other women who truly "get it" when it comes to IF. I often feel an instant bond and typically am able to open up easier. Kinda like this wonderful blog community!

  2. Misery truly loves company! It is so great to find women who understand!


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