Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dr. Love tomorrow!

My Dr Love appt is tomorrow - I have been putting it off for a long time.  I am also slightly afraid of what it will be like, I've gotten very mixed reviews.  And I do not agree with the macrobiotic diet principles, due to my current adherence to the Nourishing Traditions (Dr Weston A Price) style of nutrition.

I want to put the endo question to rest.  Might I have it?  So far my RE and my family doc say "No".  But the Internet says anyone can have it, you have to do a lap to find out.  

If I do have endo, I want to get it dealt with - not wait a few years to figure out if I have it or not.  And if Dr Love says "No", I will drop the whole thing.  Like, if he wants to do a lap, it will take a few months to schedule... and if IUI#2 works, we can cancel the whole thing.  If it doesn't, this is another route to investigate.

Given that today is CD2 and I am quite ouchy.... I dunno.... well see what he says.  But gosh I hate going to new doctors.

I realized we won't be able to do our IUI #2 until mid January... and that is sort of a bummer.  I have to muscle through (emotionally) 2 more cycles before, not just 1.  Bah.  We talked a little bit about maybe calling Dr A today to kick IUI #2 off this cycle, but we decided it was too hasty.  It sounds silly, but somehow I was thinking (without looking at the calendar) we'll come back from the fertile-new-years, and BAMM we'll do our IUI.  Not so much.  It's only a two week delay, but its an extra period.

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