Monday, November 14, 2011

Post-peak herbs

Dr Nora has me taking the following herbs post-peak, in a tincture, and I thought I really ought to look up what the heck they are really doing/for!  I wouldn't fill a prescription from a doctor without looking it up!

Cha.ste Tree Berry, will potentially help with my 'sore boobs' issues [which is apparently called Mastalgia - I suppose that sounds a wee bit more scientific than 'sore boobs'].  It is also supposed to help with luteal phase defect.  It is supposed to help balance estrogen/progesterone, in favour of progesterone.  Good for peeps with PCOS, so they say.  Also, it is good for acne.  Have I mentioned my skin has been better lately?  I thought it was because I am becoming re-tolerant of some dairy products, but maybe good ol' Chas.te Tree Berry is helping out?!  That would be great.  I didn't get my 'period pimple' last cycle, but that might be just a one off, we'll see.

The other part of this post peak or luteal phase tincture (it is 50%/50%)  is Vervain.  It is used to repel vampires - d'oh!  And I had planned on seeing B.reaking Dawn this weekend.  :(  I found on the Internet that it is a " muscle stabilizer and mood relaxant" - well, that doesn't seem worth the money, does it?  Hippocrates used it for infertility...hrm, I would prefer to know more than that!  It seems it can cause some uterine contrantractions?  That is dissapointing.  I've had some very minor cramping yesterday and today, and I was enjoying that - they say minor cramping is a good sign.  (I read it in a blog somewhere, so maybe not super scientific).  Yeah... I'm not sold on Vervain, but I'm down with the Chast.e Tree Berry!  I will have to talk to Dr Nora about this.

It is CD20 today - about a week left until we know how this natural cycle went!  Now that my slight cramps are maybe caused by Vervain, I have nothing to report in the way or symptoms.

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  1. Hope the tinctures help! I can't believe how much I miss being on them!


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