Thursday, March 7, 2013

Baby Shower!

35 weeks, 1 day

I had my baby shower this past weekend!
It was a little mind boggling.  I never even thought I'd get this far, but to have a real live baby shower thrown by my friends for me - wow.  I was a bit overwhelmed.

It was super fun.  I rented a room at Church (our house is too small, and Church is close, and might as well have money go into the coffers, right?), and we have hot food and mountains of CAKE!  It was rather lovely.  And we played several sillly games (that I at least enjoyed).  :)

Afterwards I invited everyone back to our house (meaning we had to have it CLEAN!), that was fun too.  Our renovations are now done - if you come to visit me, I encourage you to drink lots of fluids so you can use our new bathroom.  ;)  It is off the hook.  Seriously, it turned out really well.  And I'm happy to have all this done before Appleseed arrives.

Also - our old tub you couldn't take a bath in, and I hear this is something good to do to ease the pain of labour, so I was quite keen on getting this done.  Even if we go to the hospital, we'll be starting labour at home.

We also brought down a wall between the kitchen and the living room.  It is MUCH sunnier in here now - I think staying home with Appleseed will be nicer with more sun - and I'll be able to see her from the kitchen now.  I had all these visions of her having to play in the kitchen when I make food, and her being bonked on the head by the fridge opening (because our kitchen is too small to have a baby play in while someone cooks!).  Now she can play in the dining room and I can see/hear her, so no problem.  (These rooms are really quite small - our house is teeny tiny.  But now with an upscale bathroom.)

Sorry I've been a bad blogger as of late - tired!  But otherwise good.  :)  Some nights I am a terrible sleeper, others I am ok. 


  1. I'm glad you had such a good (baby) shower! And I'm excited to see your new shower (and bath!!)! :)
    35 weeks!
    Home stretch!

  2. I want to see pics of your shower!!!

  3. Oh my gosh, getting so close now! I'm totally excited for you!! Yay for a shower!!

  4. Yes, I want to see pics of the baby shower too! It sounds like a blast! My first baby shower was surreal - I kept looking at all the people there and thinking -wow, they are here for us - this is really happening!!!

    Oh, and show us pics of the bathroom as well - I love seeing people's renovations! I can't believe you are 35 weeks, very soon we will get to "meet" little Appleseed!!!!


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