Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Midwife home visit

36 weeks, 6 days

Today was the visit I'd been waiting for a long time.  The midwife home visit.  The marvellous midwife came over, we had tea (FUN, right?), and we discussed birthing.  She also did the regular checks and everything is fine.  My GBS result is not back yet.

I was a bit worried our staircase was too narrow for a home birth.  This would have been a drag, totally changing our plans around.  But nope - it is fine!  She even said the midwifery clinic (where you can birth if you choose to) has slightly more narrow stairs, so that's fine.

She loved our tub, said it would be great for labouring!  Hooray!  She said in general our house was perfect for a home birth!  Double Hooray!  It's ON.  (Also good we have a second bathroom in the basement, in case someone has to use the facilities and I'm all cozy upstairs in the bathtub - hah!  I had never thought of that!)

Also she mentioned I should not go up or down stairs for at least 3 days after birth - how do people manage that when they birth in the hospital, I wonder?  I'm cool with this - all part of our "one month" plan.  7 days in the bed to start with.  I'm glad she stated that '3 days no stairs' rule so clearly though, it will help DH and I.

Even though she's 99.99% sure that her head is down and (partially?) engaged, because we're having a home birth she wants to check again.  Apparently since Appleseed's head is so far down, it is hard to be 100% sure it is a head.  I'm SO ok with this.  Another chance to say hello to the Appleseed?  Fo' shizzle!

We went over my birth preferences, which all all standard midwife-y kind of stuff, so no surprises.  I did make sure to mention I want Appleseed to be on my chest when she's getting her Vitamin K shot and eye antibiotics, and she said absolutely, that was their standard practise.  Excellent.  Apparently it is much more soothing for the baby that way.  And if in a hospital, that is NOT standard.  So be sure to ask, ladies.  :)

Also, the big burning question - glasses or contacts?  I am SUPER blind, so need some vision enhancer if I don't want to be led around everywhere.  And to see my freshly born baby when she arrives.  :)  She said contacts would be fine, just to remember if I end up in the hospital for a C-section I would have to switch to glasses then, so to have contact stuff in my hospital bag.  Ok!

Today was also my first chiropractic appointment with a chiro in the area who is experienced (/loves) working with preggos.  I'm going to try to see her about twice a week until the birth, to 1. fix my back, and 2. allow Appleseed to be in the best position possible.  My back did hurt after the adjustments, she recommended I have an Epsom salt bath, so I did.  My first one in the new bath tub!

Super fabulous. I kept it not-hot (no cooking of Appleseeds), which wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  Also I didn't super-fill it, so my abdomen was not actually in the water - so it was cool the whole time.  But still I was soooooo relaxed by the bath!  Awesome!  I'm glad I had my first bath in the new tub before labour is actually here, now I know more what to expect.  Then the bath made me sleepy and I had a wee nap.

What a great day.  I was (/am) just so happy all day.  I can't believe this is all happening to ME.  Wonderful!


  1. Sounds like an awesome day! Your birthing experience and desires are on the complete opposite end of where I was/am comfortable with (I am so not a hippy!), but I love reading about them because you are excited about them! I can't believe Appleseed will be here shortly - yeah, God is good!!! Grow, baby, grow...or should I say, engage and drop baby, engage and drop!

  2. YAY for good mw visit!


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