Thursday, March 14, 2013

[I recommend to all hot water bottles I meet that they immediately don a sweater.]

36 weeks, 1 day

Today we met with the backup (2nd) midwife again.  We still know her least of the three, so it was good to get a little more face time with her.

I did my Group B step swab today.  Yikes!  REALLY HOPE I don't have it!  With me being "allergic" to penicillin, it will be all sorts of drama.  Better to not have to travel that road.  I'll find out sometime next week.  Hope all those probiotics did their thing!

Today was also the day we get the 'home kit'.  I sort of thought this was going to be some reading material.  There is that too, but it is literally like hospital pads and things.  In a small garbage bag!

Wowzers.  She said to keep it together so when they come over it will be ready for them.  This sh*t be getting real!  :)  (hooray!)  (sorry for the fake swearing!)

And also I have a copy of my records now.  From now on I'm to leave them in my purse.  In case of emergency, say I have to go to a hospital I'm not registered at, I'll have all my relevant info with me.  Yes, I actually am registered already at the hospital my midwife works out of - just in case, you never know.

The plan is still to birth at home, but you never know, things can go awry.  Hospital is 10 mins away, so don't worry.  :)

For my next midwife visit, my primary midwife comes to our house!!  Cool!  I have been looking forward to that!  She will give a yay/nay on the homebirthing thing.  Are our stairs too narrow?  Maybe.  We shall see!  If she feels it is not suitable, we can birth at the clinic (meh) or the hospital (might as well?).

Also, my midwife is also an alto in our church choir you may remember - so it will be like having a buddy over - fun!  We can have tea.  :)  (She is a total tea addict - she requested black tea with 2% milk for the birthing.  I like it.)

Also, from now on I'm having midwife appointments once per week!  HOORAY!  This is somehow a huge milestone for me.  Can you believe Appleseed and I have made it this far?  I am so happy.  AND I love working from home, it really breaks up the week.  Now, totally justified.

By the numbers
Blood pressure: 100/60 - well, no pre-eclampsia here yet (knock wood), that is still rather low
Size of tummy:  35cm.  Excellent.  I am 36 weeks, so that is "1 cm" below average, within a 2-3cm tolerance.  I am very pleased.
Heartbeat: 140  :)  All good!

I had some crazy backache last yesterday, which was pretty bad in the evening (hurt to walk, get up - poor DH had to help me a lot).  Thank goodness I had my hot water bottle that wears a sweater.  It really helped!  My back has been pretty ok so far, so I'm not complaining or anything.  Maybe she has dropped a bit, and that is causing the back pain?  It's very manageable with the hot water bottle that wears a sweater (thank you Feather!  Love it still!). 

The midwife did say her head was low - I have the impression it's not super low, but low enough it won't be able to turn up.  Fine by me.  :)

And last but not least (sorry for such long posts lately!) - congrats to all my Catholic ladies on your new Pope!  An exciting choice.  :)  (I had been sort of rooting for the Canadian fellow, but it was not to be.)


  1. The last few weeks fly by, even though they don't feel like it at the time. :) It's so close!! :)

  2. Both you and Appleseed are doing so well!! Yay! Keeping my fingers crossed that you don't have Group B strep or any other problems! Sounds like she probably dropped - how exciting! I hope your back doesn't bother you much in the coming weeks. Won't be long now :-) Will be thinking of you!


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