Thursday, March 14, 2013

Surprise Work Baby Shower!

36 weeks, 1 day

Well, yesterday totally out of the blue (from my perspective) was my work baby shower!

Hahah - and I'd been lately wondering <in a sad voice in my head> "I wonder if they will send a card around?".

Turns out it was this whole orchestrated thing!

My boss two weeks ago made SURE I was going to be at work for my "review".  This seemed a little odd to me - generally if she or I can't make these 1:1 meetings, we just move it to the next day, no harm done.  But I thought, ok, the review does have to get done by a certain date.

And then yesterday, she messaged me something came up and she'd be a few minutes late to start, that she'd swing by my desk because she had to get her laptop charger anyway (we sit next to each other).  All very plausible.

Then she came by, and we chatted TOTALLY normally (imho) on the way to the conference room.  We were stopped along the way by a colleague (who was in on it), who was like, "I need CS right now for an urgent problem".  I think this was a bit odd as generally those dudes don't have urgent problems I can help with (he's in marketing), but we ended up agreeing he could wait until after my review.

My boss this whole time was going on about how it was so important to have my review done this week, as my pg is advancing and we don't know how things are going to go, when exactly I'll be off work if the baby comes early.  I, of course, totally bought it.

THEN, we went to a small conference room (the size you would book for a meeting with 2 people), and it had people in it.  This is a rather common occurrence, somehow the system takes double bookings from time to time.  So we backed out, and said we'd try to find another room.  Turns out she had told them she would be coming in and then be leaving!

So the farce continues, she said "let's try one of the big rooms, they are sometimes free", and she turned and tried the closest big room, and I'm thinking "it seems like there are people in there", but I didn't even have a moment to stop her, and I was thinking "well, if she opens the door and sees people we'll try somewhere else" - and WHAMMO!


How nice of them!  And complicated!

There were two cakes, and a basket of fun baby stuff, and two cards, and VIS.A giftcards.  Wowee.  Super nice and VERY generous of them!

And we still need to buy that bassinet and a crib mattress, this should cover it handily.  And I will probably return most of what they got me in the basket (because I already have 1001 bibs handed down to me, and the creams aren't hippie enough for me), so that's more money I could spend on potentially a breast pump (also do not have yet).  But some things are great - crib sheets!  Yay!  We had only one, two is best!

Haha - you should have seen me.  I was overwhelmed a bit.


  1. Oh my gosh, that is so nice!! Love this!


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