Saturday, March 30, 2013

State of the Union

38 weeks, 3 days

Well, I am officially off on mat leave now!  Whee!  That is not strictly true - I found out I had 5 vacation days I had to use or lose, and so on Wednesday last week I decided to go on vacation this upcoming week!  So I'll be on vacation as of Monday.  :)  Sort of a lame way to spend vacation (laying on couch?), but better than losing it!

It was a bit of a shock to the system - all of a sudden it was like "tomorrow is going to be my last day!".  Which seems weird, all I do is complain about work - but it isn't so bad, and I have my work friends, who I will kinda miss.... But of course I won't really miss it.  I want to snuggle my baby for the next year!  Woohoo!

That seems crazy too.  It still seems far away.

 So I've been having more and more Braxton-Hicks/prodermal labour.  Pretty much if I stand too long or walk, there will be a contraction.  Not apparently as bad as ones that will be coming, but still they are now quite powerful-ish, I wouldn't call them comfortable.

Good Friday was kind of a hard day for me (remember Good Friday is a stat holiday in Canada).  Our church was stations 4-6, so the choir had to show up early to practise.  And the choir in this case was standing for the entire thing.  About halfway through my choir friend looked over at me and said, "Standing is ok for you?" and I was like "No", and she was like "SIT DOWN!" - so I took her advice and did sit down when we weren't singing (there were long solo parts).

Then, I really wanted to keep following the rest of the stations.  We are not usually in the City for Easter weekend, I might not have another chance for years!  So off DH and I went - but even though this is just a regular amount of walking to the next church, and of course once you get there you sit down, it was quite uncomfortable. 

Then we realised our dentist appointments were rather soon, so we had to bail on the last few stations (after seeing the inside of our local HUGE catholic church - very pretty!  but MONSTER SIZED!  and I thought our church was big - nope!  ha!).  So we left - and we took the SUBWAY home.  We had never done this.  It is only a few stops, and completely walkable.  But I was just too uncomfortable.

Hahha - lame, right?  Even at the dentist (turns out we were early, so we had time to grab lunch), DH was like "where do you want to go?" and I was like "the closest place possible".  I even took the elevator there.  Yikes.  It is only on the 3rd floor!  It is one of those creepy small smelly elevators, I had never even considered it before.

At the dentist, the receptionist was like "Another few months left?", and I was like "Haha - no.  Another week or so", and she got all shocked and told us to go eat lunch because I need to eat more.   Yes, I didn't end up getting all that huge!  Compared to most ladies, I don't look full term at all.  I was hoping for a big ginourmous bump, but that wasn't in the cards.  (And I certainly haven't been curtailing any eating!  Bring on the full fat dairy, I say!)

I did nap in the afternoon, and things calmed down.  It totally isn't real labour or anything, otherwise napping wouldn't chill things out.  I asked my midwife if these could be getting me ready, and while she was positive about me having them, she did say they wouldn't open the cervix.  So now they are seeming like a waste of energy to me.  I've been having BH for ages now - I was thinking of them as going to the "uterus gym".  So my uterus should be quite strong.  It is enough now, yes?

I had to do some relaxation stuff last night to calm down - getting all ansy wasn't helping anything.  I just have to chillax and wait to see how things go.  But I am SUPER glad I won't be at work next week.

I can't believe we're having a baby soon.  It still blows my mind, seems unreal.  Too many years of buildup, maybe.  But we're very very excited.  I'm sort of worried I won't be able to stay in my Hyponobirthing relaxation during labour just because I'm so darn EXCITED!  I picture more of that weeping-because-I'm-happy stuff.  :)

If you have any intentions you'd like me to pray for you while I'm in labour, please comment below!  I'll do my best!  I do plan on of course thinking about my IF sisters still waiting,  You ladies are never far from my thoughts - I know you'd switch places with me in an instant, I don't feel worthy of such good fortune.


  1. Yay for being off work! I hope you can have some time to relax before baby arrives.

    Oh my, you should have a uterus of steel at this point!

    I wish you'd post a belly pic :-)I'm curious now.

    You are going to do amazingly during birth! I think it's so cool what you're doing. I am sending prayers and positive vibes to you! If you wouldn't mind thinking about my health/my baby's health, I would greatly appreciate it!!

  2. I can't believe you get so much time off! That will be wonderful. I am so excited for you!! One thing I learned about HB is practice practice practice practice...even when I thought I had my focus abilities down, it was much harder to keep the focus when it was really happening...harder than I expected! Keep practicing and you'll do great. It really is amazing how your body knows exactly what to do when the time comes.


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