Sunday, March 24, 2013


37 weeks, 4 days

Well, things are ramping up here in the Appleseed household.  Thursday I was feeling super great, and I was like "Forget 39 weeks, I should work until 40 weeks!".  But then Thursday night I was all...not feeling great.

My Braxton Hicks have amped up a bit, I was a bit thrown.  They're not regular or anything, and I'm mostly ignoring them (well, besides doing the breathing).  I skipped choir and needed two bowls of cherry ice cream.  This is the second pg thing I've sent DH out for - the first being perogies AGES ago.  Sure, yes, I am not a fan of commercial ice cream - but somehow those cherries were delicious and soothing.

Friday I also wasn't feeling super at work, at least in the morning - but then I was ok in the afternoon.  People kept stopping me in the morning and telling me I should rest more.  Oh dear.

So I sort of freaked out a little - like, maybe Appleseed will come earlier rather than later?  And we're NOT ready.  So Saturday we made a big list (which is prioritised) about things that we'd like to do before her big arrival on the outside scene.

We decided on no bassinet (they seemed like a huge rip off, or physically huge, which we don't have space for in our room), so we're going to use a piece of foam next to the bed.  DH made some sheets for it today, we bought some cute-ish fabric yesterday (polka dots).  The foam is pretty much the size of the space between the bed and the wall, so she'll be all snug and cozy down there.  And it is much thicker than a bassinet mattress, so that's a positive (yet still nice and firm).

We have no diapers yet (well, ok, we have 2, but that isn't going to cut it)!  Hahha - our diapers are coming with my friend's visit on Easter weekend.  Obvi we'll dash out and buy disposables if she comes early, it just seems funny to me.  Shows how much we really think/thought she was going to come late or at least not early.

She may still come late - I've never done this before, I don't really know.  Maybe the next four weeks will be like this?  Very strong BH - they don't hurt, but they are more powerful than before.  And [TMI] I checked my cervix - it seems soft but closed.  So that's fine - slowly getting into shape, maybe?

Did y'all have BH?  I am always surprised when people say they didn't have them at all - I've been having them for ages now.

Today at Church was sort of hard.  I freaked out and made sure the hospital bag and homebirth kit were ready, then I needed a nap.  I was supposed to go out to walk to the library this aft, but I bailed.  Seemed too hard to do - hahha - lame!  But I do think I maybe needed that nap.  Sometimes Church can be emotional, you know?  Or it is just me.  I did watch the Katy Perry movie this afternoon, and it made me cry.  For like 5 minutes.

Then I had a bath and 'did a Rainbow'.  While it sounds like that is some sort of street drug, it is just my hypnobirthing rainbow relaxation I listen to.  Worked quite well.  I also recorded myself last night doing a deepening script, and I listened to it last night.  Seemed to work quite well last night, even though I think I rushed it a bit, and would re-record if I had time.  But I decided I'd probably drown if I got that relaxed in the bath today, since the Rainbow worked so well!  ;)

I'll keep you posted!


  1. I love the rainbow relaxation! We used to fall asleep to it. :) I'm so excited that you're doing hypnobirthing!

    I had BH about a week before labor (but I was induced). Maybe some people don't know they had them! :) I had no idea I was contracting until they hooked me up to the monitors and told me I was. I just thought she kept sucker punching my bladder. :)

  2. You guys are doing great! I'm sure you'll be all ready in no time. That's a cool idea to make your own foam bassinet type thing! I have no idea about the BH, but that sounds uncomfy! I hope the next few weeks go as smoothly as possible! Hopefully she stays in there until her due date, but not longer :-) Thinking of you!


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