Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me 18 times - shame on me.

"Hey Aunt Flo."

"Hey darlin'!"

"Ah, you tricked me into a little bit of hope this month.  I thought just maybe... with those sore boobs and the spotting but no actual Flo...."

"It wasn't meant to be."

"I hate when people say that."


"Hey....say, you're semi-mystical, right?  A somewhat unpredictable monthly visitor who often seems like she's coming for days, and for days after you're gone leaves a calling card?"

"Sure am!"

"You gotta line on any storks that arn't busy?"

"Oh no!  Dear me!  Storks and Aunt Flos are like werewolves and vampires - natural enemies."



  1. Stupid AF. I hate that b*tch!!!

  2. yeah, me too I hate that stupid AF b*tch!!!!!!

  3. Next time you meet with Aunt Flo, bring your .22!
    Sorry about your BFN. :-(

  4. in which I show off my Twilight knowledge:
    So AF must be the vampire in this comparison? Makes sense.. Think Rosalie in BD.
    No wonder I was ALWAYS Team Jacob. :)

  5. Your Cd1 posts are so funny- I wish I could be so light hearted on these days..I am usually on the bathroom floor crying! I am sorry AF keeps coming, she is a B%^CH!

  6. Ha! Great post. Sorry about CD1. I will keep on looking for that stork as well!


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